Women Make Great Security Guards Too

December 8, 2014

The security industry is dominated by an image that a good, strong ‘man’ makes a good security guard. This is incorrect and clearly a stereotype that has been built up. Women can, in fact, be as good as any other security guard. The profession of a security guard has nothing to do with the strength and body size of a person.

Contrary to what the movie Paul Blart shows us, a security guard does not take down criminals and terrorists. They ensure the safety of people around them and protect the physical location to the best of their abilities.

So how do women fit into the role of a great security guard?

They can handle Tough Situations

Handling tough situations is not about being ‘macho’, it is about how calmly and effectively a security guard is able to tackle it. Difficult situations easily spin out of hand because emotions run high and anything can happen.

A good security guard needs to think calmly and swiftly, depending on the situation. For example, she will be able to handle an angry customer on her own by being assertive, while in the case of robbery, she won’t tackle it herself. Rather the security guard will opt to call the police force that is trained and equipped to handle such situations.

They are Good Communicators

Communication skills are very important for a security guard. Whether it is stopping miscreants from entering an event or removing atroublesome customer from a hotel, firm thoughts must be communicated clearly.At the same time, she will evaluate the situation correctly to say the right thing so that it avoids any violence. She will be adept at switching from clear to subtle communication as the situation demands it.

They can treat people well

Due to their position, role and responsibility, a security guard often entails the job as acting as a customer service person. From giving directions to greeting people, your security guard will become the face of your business, event or location.

Women have apt social skills to treat people well. This is even more vital during tough situations. For example, instead of telling an abusive customer that he needs to vacate the premises, your security guards beat him up. The result is the bad reputation your business gets. As much as the situation allows it, she will treat people well.

Calling Professionals

Timely action is everything in solving a situation and these include situations that she can’t handle. For example, fires can usually be brought under control by calling fire fighters immediately. A security guard will spend her time better by calling up the fire department and evacuating people, than going to fight the fire. This applies to similar situations.

Create a Women Friendly Environment

Any place, office or organization that have women security guards, immediately creates a perception that it is women friendly. At the same time, a women security guard is always more approachable for gender related issues.

Don’t limit your thinking. A lady security guard can do as good a job as any man.


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