Why Should You Learn CPR?

September 16, 2016

Why-should-you-learn-CPRYou see a person suddenly collapse on the road. The medics say it was a cardiac arrest. Had she gotten CPR in under the span of 5 minutes she would’ve lived. You wake up trying to shake off that horrible dream.

So what would’ve happened had it been a real scenario? The poor old lady would’ve died. But had you known CPR you could have saved her life. We’ll be listing a few benefits of CPR below and explain why you should learn CPR.

To Keep Yourself Updated

The structure of CPR has changed significantly. One of the biggest changes is that rescue breaths are no longer required. This reduces the risk of exposure to saliva-borne pathogens for both the giver and the receiver of CPR. It also makes the steps easier to remember—all you have to do is perform chest compressions. Other changes to the guidelines have taken place recently that are aimed at getting the process started faster and increasing the patient’s chances for survival.

You Could Save a Life

Sudden cardiac arrest occurs when an electrical rhythm problem occurs and the heart is no longer able to pump blood effectively to the rest of the body. You might see a person suddenly collapse, lose consciousness, and stop breathing. The longer the body goes without circulation, the lower the chance of survival. By performing CPR, you are able to help the person’s blood keep circulating until an ambulance arrives and more advanced tools can be used.

Employers Appreciate it

If you get certified or recertified, it could open doors to new job opportunities. A lot of employers look highly on CPR certification outside of professions traditionally associated with it just like lifeguards and the medical industry. If you are in such a industry where knowing CPR isn’t a necessity but it is looked upon highly, getting a certification would help out loads.

Most Cardiac Arrests Happen at Home

More than 85 percent of cardiac arrests take place at home. In fact, there has been a big push, led by the American Heart Association, to bring CPR training to their schools which can save even more lives. So take the challenge. If you don’t know CPR, learn CPR and gain the confidence in knowing that if you are ever needed, you too can save a life.

We are positive you don’t need more convincing. What could be more satisfactory than saving someone’s life? Knowledge of CPR can never be wasted.

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