Why do hospitals require surveillance?

December 9, 2016

Check the video monitoring

In healthcare clinics and hospitals, surveillance systems are important not only to increase security, but also for controlling costs. Video monitoring can help protect patients and hospital employees from security breaches. They can also provide valuable evidences that can be used to prevent dishonest claims and to increase productivity.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider installing security surveillance systems in your hospital:

To increase overall hospital security

Having video surveillance throughout the hospital is essential as it helps prevent break-ins and crimes. It will also allow the operators to look out for patients having trouble and keep out any unauthorized visitors from entering into restricted areas of the hospital.

To improve worker productivity

When you have video monitoring in hospitals, the workers will be more conscious and will not take their work lightly. This will help in improving their work productivity.

To prevent dishonest claims

In situations where the visitors or patients falsely attest to injuring themselves due to faulty hospital devices, evidences from the video monitoring cameras can disprove such assertions. This will save the hospital from costly unwarranted insurance claims.

To resolve employee disputes

If you have clear visual proof, you will be able to solve the employee disputes easily and efficiently. Surveillance system will throw light on incidents in question.

For 24/7 monitoring

It might be difficult for security guards to keep a watch on all the areas of the hospital at all times. However, a surveillance system is on duty 24/7. You, therefore, can monitor all the areas of the hospital continuously.

To have visual evidence

Video monitoring will provide visual evidence for investigations of any criminal activity and other events that have taken place inside or outside the hospital premises.

To discourage crime

Having surveillance systems in place will automatically discourage crime. Video monitoring gives out a message to criminals that someone’s watching and they will get caught sooner or later..

The above-mentioned reasons are enough to explain why surveillance systems are necessary for hospital security. There are various other benefits of having video monitoring in hospitals. You should, therefore, consider having a surveillance system in your hospital.

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