Why Alarm Response Security Guards Make Sense

March 18, 2016

alarm response security guards

Your business location is place of valuable information, documents and perhaps even contains money. What you don’t want to happen is for it to get burgled Such a situation could have been easily avoided if a security system was installed and alarm response security guards was hired.

Having an alarm response security guard service makes sense for myriad reasons such as the following.

Why should you have an alarm response security guard service?

  • The most glaring reason would be to protect your business from a theft. Especially if you are a small business with limited resources, recuperating from a theft could be very difficult. You could even end up losing your business entirely.
  • Just having a door alarm installed is not sufficient for business security because even if the burglar sets off the alarm, there is a low possibility of anyone notifying the police in isolated commercial premises; especially if it is after hours.
  • The only way anyone would be notified of an ongoing burglary is if the alarm company calls you. In that case, you would be left to deal with the situation on your own, unarmed, unprepared at 3 am in the night. To avoid the inconvenience and risk to your safety, having an alarm response security guard service is a prudent measure. You can seek the service from any of your local security guard companies in Edmonton.
  • Police reports state that 95{ff5de37715d6694c1d2968b500b4f25af8140b012ba4193e922b993dd91ef0ae} of alarms sounded every year are false alarms. If this happens regularly at your office, you would have to pay a hefty false alarm fine to the police. If you have alarm response service guards, you do not need to worry about forking over large sums of money to the police.
  • Economically speaking, it is a cheaper and more reliable alternative to hiring a security guard for your office 24×7. Said security guard could fall asleep after a long day’s work and could let a burglar do his job uninterrupted. Security guards might not be fully trained or armed to tackle more than one burglar at a time. Alarm response security guards are trained and can arrive at your office within minutes of the alarm ringing.
  • If your business is one among many in a commercial estate, you could pool your resources and hire an alarm response security guard service which also provides mobile patrols to the area. The cost for such a service would then be minimal to you, with maximum business security.

Securing your business is as essential as working hard to make it successful. Cutting costs on business security is a strict no-no. Security guard companies in Edmonton provide a multitude of security services, avail of them for the safety and security of your business and peace of your mind.


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