Where Video Monitoring Cameras Should Be Installed?

December 2, 2015

Thinking of getting a video monitoring setup for your home for the added security? Before you move ahead and get the cameras for the installation, you need to keep some of the important points in mind that will help you in the right protection. When you opt for the security packages of the house, they offer you too many options to choose from. The best way to select the packages out from those options is by calling in a home security expert at your place. What they do is, they take a detailed survey of your house and determine the area that needs the security the most.

Areas like backyard and corner of the houses are often the most neglected areas and you must give proper attention to these places when it comes to the overall security of the house. Thanks to the new age security systems, you don’t have to worry about lengths of cables that will be around the house when you will be opting for the video monitoring. Powered over the Ethernet with one network cable, the security cameras are hassle-free and convenient to view online. Network surveillance cameras require just one network cable to set up and you have a choice to pair them with different cameras that you will be setting up around the house. You also have an option to go in for wireless cameras that eliminates the requirement of any cables. Here are some of the areas that you need to get covered under video monitoring.

  • Exit and Entrance Points

These are the most vital point of any house and you need to install the best cameras here. The placement of the camera matters a lot in the right footage and they must be pointed down from the top of the door or side ceiling towards the person to see who they are. This will ensure that every activity that is going around at the entry and exit points is recorded rightly.

  • Indoor Placement

The indoor placement of the camera must be at the places that share the common pathway to different rooms of the house. This way you will be able to cover most of the area with the use of single camera.

  • Roof Lines

Placing the cameras in the rooflines of the house gives you a wider coverage of the room and you will be able to monitor day-to-day activity around your home

  • Garage

Garages are often the most neglected areas in the home security and you need to ensure that you have placed a video monitoring camera near or on garage or driveway doors. This will aid in guarding your car and other important valuables that you have stored there.

  • Area Around Pool

Many homes have a large pool area that is near the side walls of the house. You must ensure that a camera is placed at the right location to give you a close monitoring of the entire area.


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