What To Expect In A Breakin

April 28, 2016

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Overall, crime, including break-ins has been decreasing in Canada.

This can be attributed to a better economic situation and enhanced policing methods. However, crime is far from eliminated.

Alberta has a crime severity index of 85.73. Breakins in Calgary have reached a number of 5621. Breaking and entering is not something that you should take lightly. It can very well happen to you.

So, what happens during a break in?

You’re not at Home

Contrary to public belief, most break-ins occur while the home owners are not at home. This simply makes sense for the burglar as it minimize the chance of getting caught and avoids a confrontation. Furthermore, the burglar has sufficient time to go through the items in the house to find the most valuable object.

Types of Break ins

There are two types of break ins. One that is conducted by drug addicts or poverty stricken individuals who are looking to come across quick cash to meet their needs. Such break ins are not planned and lead to unpredictable situations, often someone gets injured.

The second is a well planned invasion. Such break ins are well planned. They are usually planned when nobody is at home. However, criminals elements may also plan a break in to do physical harm. However, this second type is rare.

Preferred Entrances

Burglars are not complicated beings. They look for easy and low risk ways to enter a house. This usually includes breaking the windows or entering through an unlocked door. A favored method of entering a home is through an open window or garage door. For breaking and entering, burglars always prefer the easiest method.

Making the Robbery

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Conducting a robbery is not a meticulous plan made by Danny from Ocean’s Eleven. Making the robbery usually consists of grabbing what they can get and getting out of there.

Robbers are looking for quick money. From taking valuables like your laptop to picking up money lying around, burglars are not sophisticated, safe cracking criminals.

Call the Police

When you realize your home has a burglar, you should contact the police immediately. Even if you have a weapon at hand, you should not become aggressive or offensive. Criminals are unpredictable. Police are trained to deal with such situations.

Enhance your Security System

Prevention is always better than cure. The reason your home is being targeted is because of its lax security system. GPS Security can help you enhance your home security system, so that any criminal will think twice before entering your home. You can have an alarm security and security surveillance as a first line defense from breakins in Calgary.

Always ensure that you and your loved ones are well protected.


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