What If Your Alarm Rings When You’re Not At Home

May 12, 2016

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Burglar at home when you’re not? How do you know? There’s no need to worry if you have the alarm security. But, what if it is a false alarm? How do you put it off when you’re not at home? And what if a burglar has really tried to get in your house? So, how do you attain home security?

Below given are some tips you need to learn in case the alarm security system goes off when you are not at home.

Connect your smartphone to the alarm

Connect your smartphone to the alarm

Source: www.homeguardians.net

Connecting your smartphone with your home system brings many advantages. This way, no matter, where you are, you have access to the details of your home. Once your home is broken into, the alarm system goes off and a notification is sent to your phone. When you get the notification, you can further action.

Check the video monitoring

Check the video monitoring

Source: www.alarm.com

It often happens that the alarm security triggers a false alarm. You should check the video monitoring feed to find out if it is your home has been broken into or it is a false alarm. This enables you to take proper measures instead of panicking over the alarm ring. In the case of a false alarm, you just need to switch the alarm off with the help of your smartphone, while on account of a burglar entry at home you need to continue reading…

Do not rush back home

Do not rush back home

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What you should not do is rush back home when you get an alert from the alarm system. You might end up confronting an armed burglar at home. It is, therefore, advisable to deal with the situation without personally dealing with it. Make use of your smartphone and dial correct numbers to ensure home security.

Make right calls

Make right calls

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Once it becomes clear that someone has managed to get an entry in your home, you need to get help. The first call you need to make is to the police. Call them and make them aware of the burglar entry in your house. They might be able to reach before you can and deal with the situation effectively. The best alarm monitoring in Edmonton has an alarm response security guard service that provides community mobile patrols to several communities in Edmonton. They have GPS mapping and respond to any alarm activity in the areas of Edmonton within 45 minutes of the event. This type of alarm security could be very effective for home security purposes.

The above-mentioned steps are the most essential to follow when your alarm rings and you’re not at home. These steps will increase your home security and will not bother your neighbours much. Following these guidelines, you will contribute to making alarm monitoring in Edmonton easier.


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