What Happens If Security Guards Aren’t Trained Well

May 20, 2019

Trained Security Guards

Security guards have always been beneficial for companies and residents. Be it corporate premises, industrial estates, or even residential properties, the security guards have to work closely with law enforcement agencies along with the high-end systems to provide better security. But, why is it essential for the security guards to be well-trained? What benefits will trained security guards provide that new ones won’t? To answer these questions, here are some of the consequences that you might face if the security guards that you hire are not trained enough.

Increase Liability

It is evident that trained security guards have prevented some incidents or minimised the liability profile in some of the lawsuits and settlements. Many security companies provide professional security guard training to their staff as facilities require a high level of security. To provide better customer service, security guards need to inherent industry-wide, respected security credentials. Better-trained security guards with additional training or credentials can increase both the profits and productivity of any organisation or department.

Lack of Knowledge

Security professionals need to have a broad understanding of the security industry to handle different types of situations. Here are some topics included during security guard training:

  • Physical security,
  • Safety protocols,
  • Emergency procedures,
  • Handling workplace violence,
  • Environmental crime control,
  • Investigations,
  • Traffic and crowd control,
  • Using effective communications,
  • Professionalism and ethics,
  • Legal aspects and report writing, and so on.

Trained security guards have to go through this training to become a professionally-certified security guard. When you hire untrained security guard, your security guard won’t be trained in the topics mentioned above.

Ineffective Crime Prevention

Security guard training ensures that every security personnel is well trained in site-specific training in security. This means that these armed security guards can prevent hazards and detect risks that might occur on the premises before they turn into crimes. An untrained security guard might not be able to protect your premises either armed or armed. On the other hand, trained security guards will identify the possible threats and defend your business by taking the right steps to control the situation professionally.

No Emergency Response

No matter what your security needs are, every security guard should respond quickly to a security threat as fast as possible. For instance, if there is a fire outbreak in the oil industry, the alarm response security guard should be quick to notify the official authorities, provide medical assistance, and help in evacuating the industrial premises till the respective authorities reach the site. Whereas, an untrained security guard may not be alert and quick to respond in case of an emergency.

Weak Security

In case of a security threat, security guards should be the first line of defense. Untrained security guards are not trained enough due to lack of knowledge, lack of skills to deal in these situations, and security guard training. Trained security guards can help you with a detailed loss prevention report as well.

Hiring a trained security guard is important as you are entrusting your premises to them. So, make the right choice and secure your business to the right security personnel.


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