What Elements Make Your Building Vulnerable To Crime?

April 15, 2021

What Elements Make Your Building Vulnerable To Crime?

If you own a business or a residential building, you must know what makes it vulnerable to crime. What are the elements that may make your premises an easy target for criminals? You need to understand what makes your building weak and why you might need security guard services. Knowing of the areas of your building that are not properly monitored will enable you to take the necessary measures before it is too late.

Here are some of the essential elements that can weaken your building’s security:

Blind Corners

The blind corners of a building that are easy for people to hide in are crucial spots. You need to ensure there are minimum blind corners on your premises. If your building contains any blind corners you need to cover them and keep them visible to your security guards’ eyes. Installing security cameras for these spots is mandatory.

Criminals can use these blind corners to their benefit. It can help them enter, do crime and get away with it.


Darkness triggers a criminal’s mind to execute evil acts. It may provoke anyone to do something illegal. The reason being that there are more chances of deceiving the people that are keeping an eye on the premises.

It is, therefore, crucial to keep the entire building lightened up during the night. This will deter criminals and make them think that are people awake and ready to welcome them if they dare come near their premises.

Isolated Location

If your building’s location is an isolated place with less or no other buildings in the area, it remains at risk. Deserted places are ideal for criminals that are looking for an easy target.

Thieves, robbers, and other types of criminals can target your building by taking advantage of the isolation. With nobody around to see the criminals breaking in, they are welcome to do it more easily.

Having a commercial or a residential building in an isolated place is risky. You must hire the services of a nearby professional security company to ensure your properties safety.

Expensive Possessions

The most valuable element on a person’s property is the possessions they have. What is your business all about, and what do you offer to your clients? If you have expensive, rare, and unique items in your office or home, you need to take extra security measures.

When criminals know what you have on your property, they will be tempted to break in and avail their chance. You might also not have enough security guards in place to thus making it easier for them.

Therefore, you must have enough security guards to outnumber the thieves and criminals in any possible situation.

Heavy Footprint

In the case of a retail store or a cash and carry, there will be a heavy footprint. Having a business with heavy foot traffic makes it easier for criminals to sneak in and sneak out of your outlet with stolen items in such scenarios.

The more people you have that visit your outlet the more security it will require to avoid any thefts, robberies, or any other type of crime. If security guards are in place, they can reduce the number of incidents by encountering the criminals on the spot and preventing the crime.

Lack Or Total Absence Of Security Guards

Regardless of all the elements mentioned above, if you don’t have any security guards or fewer than required, it is a significant risk. When criminal-minded people see a lack of security upfront, they think of your premises as an easy target.

Having enough security guards of a professional security company helps protect you and your business from a criminal incident. The strong presence of professional security guards threatens criminals and discourages them from taking any action.

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