Ways to Make Your Home Safe

December 13, 2016


Do you feel safe in your home? With the increasing number of burglaries in the country, don’t you find the need for extra protection? If you are looking for ways to make your home safe, you should not rely only on the locks of your doors and windows. Your home security systems should include many more things. Here are some effective ways of making your home burglar proof:

Get an alarm system

Burglars avoid homes with alarm systems. When a burglar encounters an alarm system, he will leave. So, an alarm system along with a video monitoring system is the best combination to deter the burglars and make their burglary difficult.

Remove flyers from your doorstep

Do not let newspapers or flyers buildup on your doorstep. This will give an indication to burglars that you are out on a vacation. If you are away from home, you should ask your neighbors to pick these items from your doorstep. Some burglars may plant flyers to check if someone picks it up.

Install video monitoring cameras

Burglars do not want to get caught. They want to quietly do their job and escape without anyone noticing them. If you have video monitoring cameras installed, the burglar’s chance of getting caught is too high. The burglar will therefore, not take the risk and move on to another house instead of trying his hands on your monitored home.

Keep your landscaping neat and clean

Do not have potential places for burglars to hide. Eliminate all the dark places around your home. Also, keep the large bushes and shrubs away from your windows so the burglars cannot hide behind them.

Keep interiors and exteriors well lit

Do not have darkness all around your home. Having lights on implies that there is someone inside the home. Burglars won’t enter a home when someone is awake as their chances of getting caught are high.

Build a secret hiding place for valuables

No matter how secure your home is, you should never underestimate burglars. You can never ensure complete security of your home. In case a burglar gets into your home, you should be assured that he won’t find any valuables. Create a place which is not so common for hiding valuables and money. This way, you will be able to protect your stuff even when a burglar breaks into your home.

These steps cannot guarantee complete home security but they can definitely make it difficult for the burglar to break into your home. If you fear burglary in your home, you should take these little steps. Do not depend solely on locks, invest in video monitoring and good home security systems.

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