Different ways you can hire a security guard – which one is best

October 24, 2014

Having security for your business, community or residential building is vital to creating a safe environment. A security guard not only discourages criminals who think of coming your way, but also deal with them efficiently. At least the good ones can. It takes a good amount of skill to treat people with respect, yet solve difficult situations with a firm hand and a calm mind.

So what are your options when it comes to hiring a security guard? From where can you hire them?

Direct Hire

There are many security guards who study on their own through online courses and get their certification done. Direct hire requires you to:

– Put up an ad for hiring a security guard.

– Give time for interviews and screening process.

– Choose the right candidate.

Additionally, you will have to ensure you stick to the Employment Standards of your province which involves minimum wages, work hours, break and over-time pay. You also have to take care of source at deduction for taxes, pension and insurance.

Government Agency

Get in touch with your local police force. They often have a system where off duty police personnel can be requisitioned for work. This is a side job for them to earn money.

Security Agency

The simplest of all is a security agency. Once you hire a security agency like GPS Security, your security needs are taken care of. You do not have to personally manage security guards. Usually a security agency is hired on a contract basis.

Comparing the Three

Here’s a comparison of your three options.

Direct HireGovernment AgencySecurity Agency
Hiring ProcessYou have to spend money advertising for a security post and then spend time going through the interviews.You can expect to go through quite a bit of form filling and document giving.It’s pretty direct. You get in touch with the security agency over the phone and get their service.
Criminal CheckYou will have to conduct your own background check.You won’t get a criminal from here.A security agency has its own stringent background and criminal check.
Managing Security GuardsYou have to manage the day to day running of the security guard. Ensuring the work hours are correct and they’re replacements if he unavailable.You get access to off-beat cops, but this also means that they won’t always be available.They manage the security guards. From their work hours to shifts to salaries, it is all taken care of.
TrainingOnline training is questionable and hence, a security guard will be tested only when a crisis arises.Off beats cops have the experience at handling all kinds of crises.A good security agency provides experienced guards. They are trained for all kinds of situations. Plus, GPS Security has specialized training like Fire Watch.


If you want to save yourself a lot of hassle and in turn, get a good security guard, then a security agency is the best option. Once hired, they do their best to fulfill your business needs and take care of their own security guards.


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