Video Surveillance Requirement for Cannabis Industry

November 19, 2018

Security Company for Cannabis Industry

One can track the usage of cannabis dating back to the third millennium BCE via the written records. Archeological evidence pushes the dates even further to the pre-Neolithic period dating around 8,000 BCE. The world cannabis has its origin from the Assyrian word ‘qunubu,’ which meant “way to produce smoke.”

Canadians have consumed cannabis worth of $5.6 billion in 2017. The projected sales forecast is for $6.5 billion by 2020. The video surveillance market is also growing proportionately with the cannabis industry. Video surveillance has two major roles to play in the cannabis industry, namely security and compliance.


Cannabis is a controlled product, still banned in most parts of the world. The regulating authority ‘Health Canada’ obviously pays special attention to it. The cannabis producing companies generally maintain round the clock surveillance of their entire premises. Compliance of the regulations makes video surveillance mandatory for the cannabis industry.

Alert Against Intruders

Live 24×7 video surveillance attended by security professionals would be able to easily pick up on the attempts of burglars and broke addicts trying to sneak into the premises. Experienced guards provided by security companies can easily take care of these amateurs. Most of the time, even a robust fence would be enough to stop these thugs.

Alert Against Criminals

Professional criminals are a lot harder to deal with than small-time thieves. These gangs carry dangerous weapons. They also possess the necessary tools, hardware and technology to break into the premises. They are generally selective and eye the high-value targets like the dry storage or the cash vault.

An establishment dealing in cannabis needs state of the art surveillance systems, a strong outer boundary wall and experienced security professionals from  top-notch security companies to protect the business interests.

Monitor the Staff

Dealing in cannabis is risk-prone as it is an all-cash business. The temptations of cash and a high-priced addictive product can be a hard urge for few rogue employees to control. Management should provide selective access to the staff. An employee should have access only to his work-related regions. Proper security protocols must be in place for all the employees. A proper hierarchy should be maintained in the organizations so that the supervisors and the managers can effectively manage and control the workers. The aim should always be to hire experienced security companies to monitor and secure the operation. Businesses must refrain from arming the employees even if the loyalty is assured. The employees most probably will not have what it takes to face professional armed robbers. Companies might end up losing the valuable products, money as well the lives of their employees.

Inside jobs are the most common malignant causes of downfall in this business. The internal threats must be taken care of as these are more harmful than any possible external threats.

Video surveillance is a must-have resource for a business dealing in cannabis. Contact GPS Security Group in case you need security for your establishment dealing in Cannabis.


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