Video Surveillance: How It Helps You

May 7, 2015

Any organization and business needs round a clock security. Today, you cannot run a business without having a secured environment. And the best way to secure your premises is by the use of video monitoring and security camera. According to Edmonton security company, they account for almost 95% of all the security requirements and help you a lot in many ways.

  1. Reduction in theft and loss

Once you install CCTV surveillance in your company, then you may be sure of having a considerable drop in the theft. As people get aware of the cameras because of their placement, they tend to be more careful and even if they have a thought of stealing something, they get conscious considering the fact that their every act will be recorded and used against them. The video surveillance implementer give you a clear recording and the image in HD formats.

  1. Easy to install

Installation of the video monitoring systems is very easy and can be done by any professional. Once they are installed, you don’t need any specific team to run it for you. You can keep a tab on every one of the cameras installed within your premises. Multiple live feeds from every camera can be views on single system and you also have an option of using the application to get the live feed on your smart phone and tablets. This gives you an added benefit of having a live video feed while you are on the go.

  1. Cost effective

Edmonton security company offers you a variety of range of the security camera equipments that are cost effective and give you the best levels of protection. Being digital, they require less wiring and can be work wirelessly. The images can be transferred using the active WIFI connection. They can be seamlessly integrated into the already setup system where they can be connected to various places like every segment of the organizational working.

  1. Backup and storage

The data that is recorded on the video cameras can be stored for quite a long period of time. According to the storage chosen, you can have a backup ranging from one month to one year. As the CCTV surveillance capture every minute of the workings within the organization, in case of any problem, you will be having all the data as backup with you. The hard drives are located at a centralized location, having a secured access. Many a times you need footage to report a problem or use it as evidence in the court of law. This is where the storage comes handy as you have all the backup of the data stored according to the day and timing. All you have to do is to go to the specific folder and fetch the video data of that particular time. As the cameras have high definition recording facilities, you have crystal clear footage of images and videos, both.


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