How Does Video Surveillance Act As a Security Guard And Witness

December 11, 2014

Any good security service will tell you that a trained and professional security guard is not the only way to beef up your defense. If you are looking for a more affordable alternative than having an actually guard stand at your store or shop the whole day, technology offers an answer. Surveillance system is a fantastic way to ensure that you have eyes on the ground anywhere and at any time.

In terms of capturing the events during the day, you won’t find a person or anything else more reliable than a camera.

Intimidate Criminals

Any criminal would think twice about robbing or causing trouble when there are cameras around. Any area that is monitored by cameras will be clearly labeled so, so that everyone is aware that they are being watched.

A surveillance system set up indicates several things:

– You take security seriously.

– There are measures in place to call the security service and police force in case of criminal activity.

– If the criminal slips up even once, it can be a dead giveaway to his identity. This can help the police locate and arrest him.

The simple act of having cameras mounted on your wall can be quite intimidating to any criminal.

Live and Secure Feed

The security feed is live; this means you can catch someone red handed in the act. This is especially handy if your store experiences frequent shoplifting.

The feed is secure and stored in a database. This means you can go back a few days later and review it. This is helpful if, for some reason, you want to review the performance of an employee or a frequent customer.

Mobile Access

Even if you’re off the premises, you can check the video feed through your mobile. This is a simple feature that keeps you aware of the happenings at the office or store. This way you can make sure that no wrong doings are happening on your premises even when you’re out.

A Single Security Guard

Rather than having an army of security guards dominating every corner and room of your premises, with a surveillance system, you just have one single security guard that monitors the video feed. The surveillance security guard is trained to look out for suspicious activity along with the help of the surveillance software.

Solid Evidence

A video is solid evidence that cannot be denied. Even though police investigations rely on the perceptions of a security guard or civilian witnesses, a video is undeniable proof that can’t be questioned. In this way, it is much better as a witness than a security guard will ever be. Add to that, memory does not affect a video because it is stored in a database, so even if it is accessed a week later, it will show you exactly what’s happening.

If you are considering setting up a surveillance system as a more affordable security than hiring security guards, then you are not losing out on quality.


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