Are Unarmed Guards Any Use?

December 19, 2014

It is only in rare circumstances that we provide armed guards. Armed guards are trained in using deadly force, and in that relation, they are more effective than unarmed guards. However, unarmed guards are anything but useless.

Comparing North American Police to UK, the biggest difference is that almost the whole British police force is unarmed. At the most, some of them carry a baton.

A gun is only used as a last resort. The way a GPS unarmed security guard handles a situation is so that it never reaches a level where a gun needs to be used.

Here’s how.

Prevent Escalation

A security guard is very aware of what is happening around him. He is on the lookout for suspicious activity. The best way to deal with any conflict is to stop it before it happens. Quick and calm response is what you can expect from a security guard to best handle a situation.


Good communication is essential when talking with any person. Communication can be a deciding factor to whether a troublesome character leaves the place of his own accord or is forcibly evicted. A security guard has to choose his words careful according to the situation at hand.

GPS Security guards are trained to evaluate the situation so that they can either delicately convince the troublesome character to leave or forcibly inform him that he has to vacate the premises.

Make the Right Choice

A security guard is not a hero. When a situation arises that is too much for him to handle, like a fire or robbery, the first thing he does is call the people who can handle the problem. Most fires can be contained by the timely intervention of the fire department, so one of the first things a security guard does is contact the fire department.

In dangerous situations, he focuses on calling the emergency service and getting people out to safety. In short, in tough situation, he does what he can, and reaching for a gun and being a hero is not one of them.

Job Risk

Most of the responsibilities handle by a GPS security guard like patrolling the premisesensuring the safety of a camp and touring an oil pipeline are not high risk jobs. The chance of a security guard stumbling across a situation that requires him to use deadly force is minimal.

Most of the tough situation can be dealt with good communication.

Restrictive Federal Laws

Federal Laws ensure that not just any person can start carrying a gun. A security guard has to go through stringent tests before being licensed for it. The training is very rigorous and mostly only ex-law enforcement security agents are the ones who carry weapons.

A GPS security guard is armed with knowledge and training to tackle tough situations. Drawing guns and shooting is something that is left to well-trained professionals, while a security guard handles normal people, helps on in day to day situation and ensures the security of the premises.


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