Types of security systems used in airports

August 31, 2017

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In most countries, airport security is serious business. In Canada, it is the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) is responsible for securing passengers and baggage at the airport. They conduct screening of passengers, their bags, and the airport workers to ensure the safety of everyone. Different types of security systems to maximize the security of the people. These security systems are highly advanced and protect citizens from all kinds of danger.

Let us take a look at some of these sophisticated security systems used in airports worldwide.

Passenger Pre-Board Screening

This is a common phenomenon in airports across the world. Passengers are screened right before they are about to board the flight. Even the cabin-baggage is screened at the same time. Screening officers use a variety of screening technologies and procedures to prevent passengers from carrying prohibited items beyond the screening checkpoint.

Non-Passenger Screening

Non-passengers are screened before going to restricted areas of the airport. People coming under the non-passengers are flight and cabin crews, airline customer service personnel, caterers, maintenance personnel, baggage handlers and other airport staff. In Canada, this screening occurs during airport operational hours at doors leading into restricted areas, and in random within those areas. Biometric technology is also used at different checkpoints to ensure maximum safety.

Hold Baggage Screening

Security officers screen the checked in baggage or the hold baggage of the passengers using explosive detection system, an x-ray system, computed tomography system and physical search. Once the luggage is screened it is taken to the aircraft.

Restricted Area Identity Card

The concept of RAIC was created by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority. It uses iris and fingerprint biometric identifiers to allow non-passengers into restricted areas at airports. This helps further protect all passengers from any possible criminal activity.

Security Guards And Military Forces (RCMP)

All Canadian airports are secured by the local police forces – Royal Canadian Mounted Police. At all entry points, there are police forces and military forces deployed to check the air tickets f all passengers. These guards are highly trained and well-equipped to handle all kinds of situations.

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