Types Of Security Services You Can Hire

December 19, 2014

The security business is huge. There are a wide range of services you can access from it. These services can help fulfill various roles according to your needs. Whether you are planning an event, opening a business, starting a retail store or just organizing a party, the industry has some service or the other that can help enhance the safety of your premises or event and ensure it runs without any problems.

So what are the various security services that you can access?

Technical Security Service

This is the most basic security service you can access. You can equip your premises with a video monitoring system and sensors. They will run 24 hours ensuring your location is always protected. Furthermore, a video monitoring system can be accessed days later to go through the footage. This way, even if a crime does take place, you have recorded evidence of it. This can help the investigating agency find the culprits and convict them with hard, undeniable evidence.

Event Management Security Service

Anything that comes under an event, comes under this type of security service. It could be private party, a wedding or a large scale event with hundreds of people. Security services provide tight security at events through several ways.

– Access Points: For a private event, you don’t want any Tom, Dick and Harry to enter. So a security guard ensures that only those with required pass get in and those who don’t are quietly turned away without a scene.

– Crowd Management: Any event that draws a large number of people needs to be managed well. A security service has the know-how to ensure your event location is organized well to handle the crowd. At the same time, security guards are present to ensure smooth flow of the event.

– Prevent Conflict: Conflict can happen anytime with alcohol flowing and high passions. A security guard will intervene at the right moment to ensure conflicts don’t escalate into a fight.

Fire Watch Service

A security service can train their guards in fire watch. This equips their security guards to spot hazardous situations that can lead to a fire. Additionally, after a building has been affected by fire, the security service cordons it off to allow the fire department to effectively contain the fire and later on, conduct an investigation.

Personal Protection

In cases where your life has been threatened, or you’re a growing celebrity, you can hire a trained professional to personally accompany you to public events and provide protection.

Mobile Patrol Security Service

If you have a large premises, or a multiple location that you want to protect, you can hire a mobile patrol security. These are security guards that will patrol your location on foot or in a vehicle. GPS Security uses advanced technology that allows the client to conduct real time tracking of the patrol unit.

These are just the main 5 security services you can access. At GPS Security, no matter your need we are willing to provide you coverage. We’ll come up with a security plan that fits your situation and provide tight security.


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