Types Of Home Security Systems

December 19, 2016


Home security systems are one of the most essential requirements for security today. There are various types of home security systems that can be installed. Although the goal of all these security systems is the same, each of them works in a different manner. You should take a look at all the various types of home security systems available so that you can select the one that is the best for your home.

Sensor Systems

Sensors are wired or wireless security systems that alert the people in the house as well as the neighbors if someone tries to break into your home. Whenever there is any movement in or around your house, the sensors detect the movements and sound an alarm with the help of security alarm systems that are installed. These sensors are of different types:

  • Motion sensors

  • Sound sensors

  • Glass guard sensors

Sensors are often fixed near the doorways so that the detection becomes easy.

Keyless Lock Systems

Keyless lock systems are used to provide extra security to homes. These are not the usual kind of locks and thus, cannot be opened manually. They are programmed in a way that they only open with a password. These types of home security systems are easy to install and operate. Some keyless door locks require the use of a remote to gain entry in the house.

Security Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are common among the home security systems as they are inexpensive in comparison to other wireless security systems. An alarm system mainly alerts people in case of an intrusion. You can also find security alarm systems to ensure fire safety. Home alarm systems are of various types:

  • Hand-wired security alarm systems

  • Wireless security systems

  • Self-contained security alarm systems

Video Surveillance Systems

CCTVs or video monitoring cameras are installed in homes to keep a constant watch on your property when you are away. Video surveillance cameras are to be installed in the right places to ensure all the places are under surveillance. Video monitoring systems also help record footages so that you can go back and check for people who have approached your property in your absence.

There are many more types of home security systems that help in keeping your home safe. However, these are the most common ones that you will find in many homes. You can select the one that you think is the best for keeping your home safe from intruders.

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