Top Signs You Must Change Your Home’s Locking System

August 28, 2019

Home's Locking System

As a homeowner, we’re concerned more about the security of our homes and securing it from an unwanted invader. Locking systems were first introduced in 1848, but today, people are blindly relying on it because of the security features the electronic locking systems offer.

But the locking systems, you know, have to be changed once in a while, right? So what’s the right time and right signs that you have to change your locking systems? Here are the top signs we’ve to look out for:

1) Visible Signs of Wear and Tear

Your locks are plausibly getting worn out, old or rusted which makes it weak and insubstantial. This means the burglar who’s keeping a watch on your pretty house has a 100% chance to break in with ease. You’ve to call in a locksmith to check whether the lock needs to be repaired or is it time to replace it with a new one. You can temporarily repair it with spray lubricants, but it won’t make the lock resilient for a long time. 

2) A Recent Break-in

If you had a recent break-in where the burglar was not good at doing his picking job and had to damage it or in another case, the lock is not damaged, it’s better to assume that the burglar has a copy of keys and will have access to your house anytime. So in either way, you’ve to take precautions and buy a new locking system. 

3) Lost or Stolen Keys

Say due to your negligence, you left your house keys on the table of your favourite café two blocks away, and when you realize you forgot something and go back to find it, it’s not there, someone has stolen it. What do you do in that situation? You have to check your home first and immediately change your lock. Even though someone might return the keys to you back, you cannot trust that person at any cost. So it’s better to buy a new lock.

4) New House

If you have recently moved into your new home, it’s important to change locking systems of all your doors as it’s obvious that the previous homeowners might have extra keys kept with their relatives or friends. You’ve to take the precaution of keeping your home secure from that foodie neighbour you suspect can barge in for that delicious lasagne.

5) Shared Duplicate Keys

A trustworthy contractor just finished your décor work at home, but you find his labours or subcontractors a bit suspicious, mate, you’ve to change the locks of your house at the earliest. It’s important to change the locks of all your doors as they might also have duplicate keys for each of your doors.

Be it a deadbolt lock, a knob lock, or even an electronic lock with the keypads, you’ve to change the locking systems when you stumble upon some of these signs above-mentioned. It’s better to keep your home secure from unwanted attention from that creepy stalker or a burglar for a long time. 

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