Top Class Security Services For The Finance Sector

June 30, 2017


Financial companies are like havens for most companies. These places have confidential financial data of not just their own company but other companies as well. For example, a company like Ernst and Young deals with financial data of big companies. These places are usually under a threat from outsiders as well as insiders. It is, therefore, important to have top class security solutions for the finance sector. There are two levels of security systems required for such companies. First, to secure the crucial financial data, and second, to secure the employees of these companies. There are many Edmonton security services which provide security solutions to companies belonging to the finance sector.

Let us take a look at some of the security systems used by these agencies to secure companies in the finance sector.

 Video Monitoring

Nowadays, almost everyone uses video surveillance systems. Let it be residential homes or huge financial companies. It is useful to keep an eye on a lot of places at the same time. With cameras installed at every nook and corner of your property, you can keep a tab on your entire property through a single monitoring screen. In addition, video surveillance systems record footage 24/7. So, no intruder will dare to trespass your property under the vigilance of a video surveillance system. The video surveillance offered by GPS Security has a special feature called ‘Remote Monitoring’. Through this feature, one can get a live feed of the footage on their Android phones.

Security Guard Service

Deploying security guards in the required areas of your company can ensure that all your employees are safe. There can be one guard on every floor of the building who will only allow the required people into the office. They will conduct a thorough check of all the people entering the building. Outsiders will be allowed only after consulting the designated company authorities. These guards will not only monitor the area inside the building but can also guard the parking lot of the company building. This way there is maximum protection from outsiders.

Fire Watch and Security Guard Service

Office buildings are places where there are hundreds of people working at the same time. Such huge organizations should be prepared for all kinds of mishaps including an unexpected case of fire. Fire watch security guards are trained to handle fire incidents. They can keep the building safe when a fire happens. In addition to fire safety, they also patrol the entire property and ensure that there are no vandals or burglars who will attempt to steal things.

Apart from the conventional security solutions, there are other security measures that can ensure complete safety of companies in the finance sector. You should invest in securing your servers, PCs, and laptops, and get your IT department to monitor all company laptops. To know more about our security services for the financial sector, get in touch with us.


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