Have Tight Office Security Against Terrorism

February 19, 2015

If anything, the Charlie Hebdo attacks should bring a sharp focus on the security at your office. This was a well planned and coordinated attack that didn’t give the victims a chance. The problem here lies in the fact that Charlie Hebdo never imagined such an attack. It doesn’t hurt to be cautious.

Here are a few precautions that can improve the safety of your office.

Secure Access Points

Good security always starts at the access points. There are entrance doors into your office building. You want to ensure the people who are entering the office are the right ones. Fingerprint scanners and key-padded doors can further help.

If you have a legitimate security threat against you, you can even have a metal detector to ensure no armed person enters the office.

Secure Parking Lots

Keep an eye on the security parking lot because a lot of suspicious activity can originate from there. Having a security guard and sufficient cameras does not hurt. A parking lot is also an entry point, so you want to ensure the right cars are entering.

Surveillance System

A surveillance system can watch all parts of your office and catch any suspicious activity. Additionally, vital data can be collected from it that can be used in investigation of the culprits.

Safeguard information

Don’t keep information out in the open. One of the key factors in planning of the Charlie Hebdo attack was the information that all the editors and writers were meeting on that day. The attackers clearly even knew the exact time of the meeting.

Information on your security system, office schedule and building layout should not be easily available. Compartmentalization of information is a good method to safeguard your information.

ID Badges

Every person who enters the office building should have an ID badge. Guests can be given a Visitor’s Badge. This is a good way to ensure that no unauthorized person is roaming around the office. Employee ID badges should have theperson’s nameand visual identification in the form of a picture. Go out of your way to have good ID badges made so they can’t be easily replicated.

Security Guard Presence

Ensure you have enough security guards in the office buildings. If the facility is large, have security patrols. After hour patrols should be scheduled to make certain that everyone has left the building and nothing suspicious is occurring.

Emergency Plan in Place

You should have an emergency plan in place for all kinds of scenarios whether it is a terrorist attack or a fire. Additionally, you want to ensure that emergency equipment like fire alarms and sensors are functioning. Fire drills are also very helpful in prepping people on how to tackle emergencies. If you hire a security service, they will help you build an effective fire emergency.

Any kind of attack on your office is unfortunate. In dealing with such an attack, there is little you can do – you’re outgunned. However, by taking these steps, you are in a much better position to prevent and deal with it.


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