3 Signs You Must Upgrade Your Home’s Alarm System

January 20, 2020

Home’s Alarm System

In the process of safeguarding our house, we often deploy multiple security measures. These measures are often useful as they can come in handy to prevent external intrusion, secure the house from internal mishaps, etc. There are multiple security measures that can come in handy to secure the house. Some of these measures include CCTV cameras, access control systems, alarm systems, etc. Out of all these systems, alarm systems are one of the most useful as they can alert the family as well as the cops in case of an intrusion or mishap. Despite being so useful, alarm systems are prone to certain drawbacks that require continuous monitoring and upgradation. But when do you know that your alarm systems are due for an upgrade? Here are a few signs that depict that your alarm systems require upgrades. 

1. Raising False Alarms

The alarm systems are programmed and manufactured in such a way where they are supposed to sense the entrance of an unwanted individual or detect a fire, smoke, etc. But if in case, the alarm systems are continuously giving off alarms at the wrong instances, you must realize that the alarm system is due for an upgrade. This is because if in case you do not upgrade the alarm systems, and they tend to send off a false alarm, the law enforcement authorities are supposed to reach out to the location of the mishap. When they realize that the alarm was a false one, it results in an utter wastage of time and effort on their end. Therefore, if in case your alarm systems are sending off false threats, you need to reach out to a security firm to get your systems upgraded in due time.

2. Not Raising an Alarm at All

Alarm systems work on mechanical phenomena. Especially the fire alarm systems. Basically, a fire alarm system detects fire by sensing the rising temperature in the room. To sense the temperature of the room, these alarm systems are fitted with mercury. With time, there are chances that the mercury’s acceptance level has reduced and the alarm systems are no more capable of sensing the rise in temperature in case of a fire. So, in such cases, you need to check the mercury level and ensure that you get your home alarm systems upgraded from time to time. 

3. Cameras Unable to Sense Thermal Movement

Thermal alarm sensors are also one of the most prominent security systems across Canada. If in case your cameras are unable to sense the thermal movement of people across the room, you might need to get them checked and upgraded. Apart from this, if the cameras are also sensing random movement and sending off false alarms, it is about time that you get your alarm systems upgraded.

Apart from just upgrading your alarm systems, you also need to ensure that your other electronic security systems are up to date. If you are unaware of how to keep your security systems up to date, you can get in touch with the nearest security firm. This is because they have trained personnel and can be effective in maintaining your security systems.


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