3 Security Tips for Movie Theatres

November 4, 2019

Movie Theatres

In recent times the movie theatres around central America have had many instances of violence and shootings that have taken the lives of innocent people. The film-making industry is an essential resource for Canada that has been compromised by the regular illicit activities like theft, vandalism, and most notorious of them all, piracy. Movie theatres are places where a lot of people come and go every day. In such a facility, recognising the bad sections from the crowd can be demanding. The best of us can be tested in such moments where a crazed person wreaks havoc on the crowd with just one little exit to escape. It is thus better to have proper preventive systems in place to counter such activities that put a threat on the properties of the theatre owners and the people enjoying their little time for entertainment inside. Movie theatres are a tricky place to secure for any security company. Although you may hire a security service for your theatre, you still have to know what is needed to take care of the people that you’re catering to.

1) Have a Levelheaded Plan

All the people in charge of the movie theatre must be well prepared for even the most unexpected things at all times. For example, an attack on the owners or managers of the theatre or the structure itself can be a possibility and must be prepared for. Employing proper threat detection plans must be put in place. There should be appropriate communication among the staff of a security company working for a movie theatre. Smoke detection alarms are thus important for movie theatres in case of a fire breakout because it is the worst part of any attacks on a theatre. There must be proper plans in place for the evacuation of people and staff from the premises. There must be timed communications among the in-charge of security and the fire control department at all times.

2) Keep the Aisles Clear

In case of an emergency, people tumbling over other people and their belongings is not a pleasant sight. When an accident or attack occurs, there must be clear spaces for people to evacuate the area immediately. The aisles between the seats must always be kept clear of people and their belongings so that there is an unobstructed route of escape available for the moviegoers.

3) Hire Onsite Security

Movie theatre staff is generally very trained in customer services and providing support to the people in need. But security concerns are something that will shake the soul out of people that are not trained for such situations. The staff at the movie theatre might start thinking about their own life first, which is just an expected reaction from common people. But a security company staff at your facility will do otherwise. Security guards stationed at various points in your theatre can prevent any mishaps and the person thinking to make trouble might even drop the plan on seeing security measures. Security guards must be equipped with metal detectors at the entry point so that no harmful object can enter the screening.

A movie theatre is a place for fun and family time. Securing an area where several people are seated inside closed doors is important because if a compulsion occurs, there will be a lot of casualties instead of the planning. So it is better to secure the area from the outside. Preventing harmful elements from entering the theatre will help avert a major crisis. For security concerns at your movie theatre, contact GPS Security.


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