Three Common Burglary Myths Busted

May 15, 2018

Alberta Security Company

According to Statistics Canada, the province of Alberta recorded nearly 28000 cases of break-ins and over 90000 cases of non-motor vehicle theft in 2016. The data indicate that burglary is still a valid threat to the residents in Alberta, and homeowners should be aware and prepared for it. When it comes to securing your home, your valuables, and your family, relying on facts is a much safer bet than believing in myths. Here are three common burglary myths that you need to stop believing in, for ensuring better home security measures.

Myth #1: Burglaries Happen at Night

Most people tend to believe that the risk of a break-in is higher at night than during the day. But it has been reported that most burglars prefer to break into homes during the day when the residents are at work or school. In fact, it is easier to rob when you are not at home during the day than in the night while you are sleeping. To prevent robbery, you should consider setting up security systems in your home that alert local law enforcement officers upon forced entry. Or you can approach an Alberta security company that provides security guards who respond to burglar alarms. Having security guards on standby to respond to break-ins will provide a greater level of security for your home.

Myth #2: Burglars Only Strike Once

You might think that if your house has been robbed once, you probably will never be robbed again. Wrong. Houses that are robbed once are more likely to be broken into again, due to the increased familiarity with the layout of the place. Burglars can easily enter, access the places where valuables are hidden and exit since they are familiar with the place. If your house has been robbed once and you think you don’t need to worry about its security anymore, then think again. It is even more imperative now for you to install security systems to prevent further loss and also to potentially apprehend the initial offender.

Myth #3:  Locked Doors and Windows Keep Burglars Away

Locked doors and shut windows might keep you safe from the rain and winds, but they won’t keep you safe from a skilled, determined burglar. Most burglars enter through the front door of the house, even when they are locked. This also disproves the myth that windows are the most common point of entry for burglars. Burglars are usually equipped with the tools and techniques to pick a variety of locks and get through standard security measures. Since professional burglar can pick most locks within a minute, your security plan must include more than just a fancy lock. If you believe the security of your house and family is worth it, you should invest in a comprehensive security system that includes surveillance and alarm systems with connectivity to security guards.

Without a proper security system in place, your house is susceptible to break-ins, regardless of how careful you are in following basic safety protocol. To install an effective security system, ensure you choose the right security company with enough experience, expertise, and resources. This will ensure that you have complete high-quality security for your home.



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