Things You Might Not Know About Security Guards

February 1, 2019

Security guards in Alberta

Security guards in Alberta provide a unique and distinctive service to a broad range of businesses in different industries. They play a vital role in safeguarding the areas they monitor, ensure safety and security by protecting their clients, assets, staff, and customers.

Security guards are much more than another set of eyes and ears that watch, patrol, and record activities. They have many tabs open in their mind which constantly keep switching from one to another. For this, they need to have an excellent presence of mind and be wise decision makers. Security guards also need to possess good customer service skills due to their continuous interaction with customers.

So, are you thinking of hiring security guards for your next big event, business, or workplace? If so, you should know what to expect from the security guards and how you can yield maximum benefits from their services. There are various misconceptions concerning security guards, so let us take a few minutes to clear them and give you facts that you might not know.

Security Guards Are Not Always Armed

When most people picture a security guard, they think about a stout man or woman with a weapon by their side. While some armed security guards carry guns, tasers, and other types of safety weapons, there are also some who don’t carry weapons. E.g., event planners who want to promote a family-friendly environment often require security guards without firearms, and this is a possibility for them.

Do More Than Just Offer Protection and Safety

Most businesses and companies hire security guards because they want maximum protection that can be offered. Protection is one crucial element of a security guard’s job, but it is more important for the guards to practice crime prevention to minimize the risks.

Security guards prevent crime by patrolling events. They watch like hawks to see any sign of trouble and make their presence known. These tasks help security guards avoid problems from arising in the first place.

Use the Latest Technology to Prevent Trouble

Earlier most security guards used to utilize their sensory organs like eyes and ears to detect crimes. And in some cases, they use to use loaded weapons to prevent crime and ensure safety. Nowadays, security guards have more equipment at their disposal. From high-tech alarms to complex screening devices, these gadgets help them do their jobs more effectively and keep you unharmed.

Play Multiple Roles at Different Venues

Security guards in larger crowd settings play a variety of roles. Quite often these guards have additional certification. E.g., traffic controller to assist with carpark traffic, escort guests and visitors on/off the premises. They also maintain crowd control duties by monitoring crowd behavior.

GPS Security provides you with a wide range of private, event, and corporate security services. Whether you want an armed guard to stand at the entrance of your business or a large group of security guards to work at your event, we can help you out!

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