Things to Consider When Hiring Fire Watch Services

April 25, 2019

Fire Watch Services

No matter what type of business you run, whether it’s owning a shopping mall, theatre, outdoor store, or a hotel, there is always the risk of fire in or around the area. Therefore, it is essential to hire fire watch services to secure the premises and your employees for any harm caused by fire. If you are planning to hire fire watch services, but indecisive about choosing the right security company, here are some of the useful things that you need to consider before you do so.


Security companies earn reputation for a reason. The reputation of a company comes from the quality of service that they provide to their clients. When you hire a fire watch service to protect your property and the lives of the people on the site, research about the company. Check their proven track record with their clients.

You can’t afford to be a test dummy for a security company that doesn’t have enough experience in terms of providing fire protection.

Experience and Licence

It takes training and experience to handle emergencies. Experienced and trained guards understand the importance of the routine fire watch patrols, maintain proper watch logs, and know the National Fire Code of Canada. When you hire fire watch services, you may be exposed to the risk of having someone who lacks enough experience or doesn’t have a licence and professional training. If the fire watch security guard has a lot of experience and is also trained well, they are ready for preventing, handling, and addressing a fire outbreak with a rapid response in the event of an emergency.

Check for the licence of the fire watch security guards as it shows the proof that the guard has completed the training and has the required knowledge in handling the fire-related issues.

Industries Specialised In

Before you choose the right fire watch services, you need to research about the industries that they are specialised to provide the services to. For instance, GPS Securities serves industries such as:

  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Bankruptcy asset protection
  • Retail
  • Oil and gas
  • Cannabis
  • Marijuana

If the security company offers services to an industry similar to yours, it is easier to outsource the security aspect to them. The specialised services show that the company’s knowledge and experience to deal with situations related to the industry. For instance, fire can lead to severe damage to the company that deals with the oil and gas industry. If you are hiring fire watch services for your oil and gas industry, it makes it important for the fire watch guards to take your fire watch security seriously as it is critical for you, your business, your employees, and the area around it. So pick the security company that offers specialised services for your company.

Emergency System and Plans

It is important to know the plans and tools used by the fire watch guards in case of fire. Some companies also offer emergency fire alarms along with employing fire watch security guards to help respond to emergencies in a better way. Since fire can spread quickly, you need to address the crisis rapidly when the danger emerges. This can limit any damage and save lives as much as possible. Find out if the security company has any plan to address the situation quickly.

So now that you are aware of things that you need to consider, choose the right service provider from a professional and reputed firm. The peace of mind that you get when you, your property, and your employees are safe is always priceless.


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