What Are The Main Roles Of A Fire Watch Security Guard?

February 10, 2023


A security guard on fire watch is usually doing double duty. Their primary job is to serve as security guards, and their secondary responsibility is to safeguard people and the property from undesired flames.

Any reliable security plan must include a fire watch security guard service. The occurrence of fires in buildings, assets, properties, factories, businesses, showrooms, and other organizations is often expected. Preventive steps must be taken to avoid this possible unfavorable disaster.

Since a fire can spread in just seconds and cause significant property damage, fire watch security guards must always be vigilant. They are entrusted with preventing property damage and saving individuals. As a result, professional security guard services that hire fire watch security guards must put them through specialized fire prevention training to accomplish their work efficiently.

Not only that, but fire watch security personnel conduct a variety of other duties. The following blog highlights some of the primary responsibilities of fire watch security personnel.

Thoroughly Scanning The Site

Fire watch security guards should scan and study the locations exhaustively so that potential fire eruption hazards may be caught at their very genesis. Of course, if points are not accounted for correctly and on time, the resulting loss could be devastating.

Well-trained fire watch security guards vigilantly conduct this responsibility to protect our clients’ establishments. Reliable fire watch security guards consist of properly trained and diligent individuals that consistently work to improve the security of potential clients.

Notify Emergency Services

If any anomaly or abnormality is discovered, our security guards will quickly notify senior management to resolve the matter. In addition, the fire alarm system will be activated, and the fire brigade will be called immediately.

Professional security guard services deploy fire watchers with a wide range of abilities tailored to different specific sectors. As a result, a fire watch security guard pays close attention to all aspects of security.

Evacuates People From A Location

If a fire breaks out at a specific site, the appointed fire watch security guard must act quickly and assist in evacuating persons by security regulations. Because fire evacuations must be as quick as possible, the guard must be able to perform under pressure while adhering to the procedures outlined during their training to guarantee that people are not wounded and escape as safely as possible.

Examining Fire-Prevention And Safety Equipment

Fire watch security guard services follow a routine during their shift to ensure that all fire extinguishers and equipment are in working order. They update their record with information such as the expiration dates of the fire extinguishers so they know when it is time to replace them.

Clear Exits And Walkways

Fire watch security guards move about the facility during their shifts, checking doorways, halls, and emergency exits for blockages. In the event of a fire, the guard would ensure that the emergency exits were clear so that they could appropriately lead people to evacuate.

Maintain Communication During A Fire

When fire alarm components are compromised, communication between the fire alarm panel and the security monitoring station is lost. When a fire starts and the security monitoring system can no longer be contacted, it is the responsibility of a fire watch guard to contact the fire department, police, and ambulance, while communicating with the control center.

Carry The Required Tools

In the event of a fire, the police and fire department may be unable to direct an evacuation in time. A fire watch guard’s significant responsibility is to carry the required instruments, such as a flashlight, to lead people to safety in low-light conditions.

Fill Up The Patrol Log With Patrol Activities

Fire watch guards work shifts, all patrol activities must be recorded in a security recording system. For example, the night shift guard may perform rounds at the start of their shift and register them at the end. To guarantee consistency with their patrols, the day shift guard will then go through the prior patrol log and conduct the same rounds as the night shift guard.

Fire Prevention

A fire watch security guard’s primary task is fire prevention. They must continually be looking for anything that appears out of place and could trigger a fire. A fire security guard prevents fires by doing daily walkthroughs of their company and promptly reporting any suspicious activity.

Fire watch guards must go above and beyond by inspecting locations containing electric appliances, such as electrical rooms, boiler rooms, or any other location on the premises. Any flammable material situated near heat might create aberrant sparks and ignite a fire. Aside from these reasons, there are several more benefits to hiring fire watch guards.

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