Terrorist Pre-Event Incident

October 22, 2014

Regardless of whether a planned terrorist attack is the work of a lone individual or a terrorist cell, there will always be indicators which can be observed, collected, and assessed. Frontline personnel play a critical role in protecting Canada from potential terrorist attacks. As the eyes and ears on the street, GPS Security Group Security Guards know what look and listen for during the course of day to day duties can contribute to the security and safety of all Canadians. EscortNavi

GPS Security Group Inc. has security guards that are trained in Terrorism Event Pre-Incident Indicators terrorist including the following:

• Defining terrorist activity • Recognizing possible pre-incident indicators and explain their significance • Knowing the importance of their role in recognizing terrorist behaviors and/or actions • Identifying and reporting a suspicious incident • Identifying the possible indicators within the various phases of a terrorist attack

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