Tackling Crime On Your Campus

November 6, 2014

Running an educational institute requires security to be high priority. It helps prevent incidents of ragging, pranks going out of control, robberies to dangerous illegal activities. You depend on good security guards to help out. Crimes will not only hurt your reputation, but can even cost you property damage, and in very serious cases, the police will have to get involved.

Property crime, in particular, is something your educational institute may be experiencing. Property crimes range from breakage, stealing, graffiti and other forms of vandalism. Such crimes will cost you quite a bit of money in the long run. However, by having a tight security, you can prevent and control them.


The larger the campus, the more difficult it is to keep it well lit. However, a well lit campus is the first step to discouraging crimes. There is a reason why crimes in broad day light are uncommon.

Offer Lockers and Bike Parking Spots

It is easier for a security guard to ensure there isn’t a theft when items are clubbed together, as opposed to having them sprawled across a huge campus. A number of schools offer special laptop lockers and dedicated bike parking space.

Bait Bike

If your educational facility suffers from recurring bike thefts, it’s time to catch the culprits. A bait bike uses a GPS tracking devices which allows your security service to follow up on who has stolen the bike and where it is going. This way, you efficiently capture the culprit red handed.

Emergency Situation

There are a number of technological solutions that can help improve your security communication between your students and teachers, especially to deal with emergency situations. These could range from mugging to suicide emergencies.

Communicating Suspicious Activity

The best way to tackle crime on your campus is to have eyes and ears everywhere. Surveillance is limited when you compare it to the number of students and professors who walk through your campus. But they are the ones who will report any suspicious activity. By creating an efficient reporting system, your security service can keep it in check before it gets out of hand and creates a large problem.

Security Presence

Another way to discourage crimes is to have security be constantly present. By simply having guards all over your campus, you create a feeling of a strong security structure. If you have a large campus, consider having patrol cars drive around. Patrols are a good idea as they get to a campus location swiftly if ever an alarm is raised by a student.

It’s advisable not have a strict patrolling schedule because that is predicable and crimes can be planned to avoid a patrol.

Mass Messaging

Mass messaging is a good tool to communicate with everyone on campus in one go. It can send out warnings, security advice or inform students of any crime that has taken place.

By ensuring the safety of your students, professors and property, you build a safe and secure environment for everyone.


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