Steps to be Taken to Avoid Construction Site Theft

December 27, 2017

site theft

When it comes to Red Deer security, construction site theft is a common problem to deal with. From heavy equipment to all other building materials, everything is at risk of being stolen from construction sites, especially those that are placed in open areas. These thefts can bring in a lot of other problems. Replacement of lost material and equipment can be quite costly and can bring a halt in your work, delaying the deadlines you have to meet.

Prevention of the site can help you from facing several security issues. Here are some steps you should take to avoid construction site theft.

Fences and Locks

Fencing the area of construction is the basic step for prevention of theft as it creates a single entrance for everyone. Fencing is a cost-effective method for securing the site and making it clear to the intruder that the area is restricted.

Along with fencing, the basic lock system is mandatory. It is important to keep your equipment and other materials locked in a place for added security.

Alarm System

Alarms are really important as a part of the security system. They help notify the police and the surrounding people of any theft. Also, due to the sound of alarm, there are chances that the thief might leave the robbed material and just run away. One can install silent alarms too if they want to catch hold of the intruder.

Video Monitoring System

The most effective way to safeguard any site is by installing video surveillance. These systems work 24/7, recording all the happenings of the area. They provide you with live video monitoring without missing even a fraction of an incident. Any theft or other security issues can be caught with the help of recorded videos and can be used as a proof against the intruder.

Security Guards

One can use as many security systems, but cannot skip the importance of having a security guard. They are physically present at the site, making it difficult for an intruder to enter the construction site. Professional security guards are, thus, essential for Red Deer security. These guards must be well trained to handle situations like theft. Only then will they be capable of securing the construction site from any security mishaps.

Mobile Patrol System

Using a mobile patrol system for construction sites helps to provide advanced Red Deer security. Unlike security guards who are present 24/7 at your site, mobile patrols visit your site from time to time to check for any theft or other issues. This makes it difficult for an intruder to enter the premise, as the time of the visit of mobile patrols is not fixed.

If your construction site is in Red Deer, security concerns can be taken care of by following these, and more, steps. Do you need more information? Get in touch with us and know more about GPS Security services.


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