Staying Safe at Work

June 30, 2015

Work safety is a very important factor and you have to be sure about the security in the organization where you are working. If the working hours let you stay in the office late in the night, then you have to be more cautious about the safety of yourself. Many organizations provide you with the safety training tips but there are lot many other factors that you need to look upon. In this article, we are going to suggest you some tips on staying safe at work.

1. Communication

Communication within the organization is the first step towards the safety. When you join the company always know the emergency evacuation plan and participate in the monthly drill where they help all the employees to practice the evacuation from the building in case of any emergency. If the organization that you are working for doesn’t have any security plan for emergencies, then you can ask them to develop one for the employees. Feel free to give important ideas and help the employees to participate, so that they will get all the benefit of the security.

2. Motivation

Motivation is what that keeps you going. Always motivate your fellow employees to carry the safety equipments with them for the emergency. Many organizations don’t provide the employees with the general safety kit and you can help your fellow teammates in the same. Motivate them to carry things like flashlight, water bottle, and food items in the bag for emergency needs. Many times in case of fire, the employees get trapped in one location and these items might be of great help under such situations. You can also ask the office to issue a memo where they can promote carrying such items all the time.

3. Analysis

Analyse the situation around you and then act accordingly. If you have more work then you can take it home and avoid working late in the office. If there is an emergency and you have to stay late in the office, then make sure that the company is providing you with a guard that stays with you all the time. Make sure that the guard is escorting you safely to your car after the work. Always remember that security is your right and never be shy to ask for it.

4. Research

Always keep on researching the environment in the office. If you notice any new faces, then report the person to the security immediately. Always have an eye in the surroundings and report any matter that looks suspicious to you. Many times, people get unauthorized entry and they stalk a particular person for harassment. Be sure that you are reporting such matter on immediate basis to the management. Most of the organizations have security cells made for this reporting and if your company is not having it, then you can ask the management to create a security cell that takes care of all the security needs for the staff and employees.


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