The Social And Ethical Responsibilities Of Security Guards

October 7, 2021

The Social And Ethical Responsibilities Of Security Guards

Security professionals play a crucial role in securing the premises of your business. Ethics require them to be responsible members of society during their regular job and even after their duty hours.

The security guards’ actions, behavior, and conduct need to be cooperative and positive to build an excellent productive relationship between the security guards and the other members of society.

So, there are two sides to a security professional’s job, social and professional. The best security officers will know how to balance and manage both of these roles effectively.

Protecting Citizens’ Rights

Professionals and responsible security guards play a vital role in protecting citizens’ rights. When doing their job, they may face many situations where they might have to go out of their job description and do something for the members of society. If anyone violates the rights of another customer or visitor of the building, the security guard must jump in and handle the situation reasonably.

Reacting To Emergencies Outside The Premises

Security guards have the professional responsibility to take care of those in the building and the business premises. Their social responsibility asks them to remain responsible and act humanly to ensure they don’t miss the opportunity to help someone in an emergency, even outside or adjacent to the building.

For instance, if a guard were to witness someone around the premises being hit by a car or an older person trying to cross a busy road he/she should give them a hand without thinking about their job description.

Moreover, by patrolling the premises they could help catch a criminal who has snatched a purse, is trying to lift a car, or any other kind of crime within the premises in which they have been hired to patrol.

Helping People Avoid Risks

Professional security companies hire professionally and socially responsible security guards. They are required to be cooperative, kind-hearted, and observant about the incidents happening in their surrounding area.

They are professionally trained to identify whether a person asking for help is not intentionally trying to distract them from doing their job to execute a criminal offense.

Taking Care Of Customers’ Cars And Possessions

The security guards appointed to patrol a businesses parking garage, entrance, and exit gates are entrusted to take care of the cars and other possessions of the customers entering and exiting the building. They need to keep an eye out for those who may try to damage, steal or snatch things of value out of other vehicles.

People trust security guards with their expensive, hard-earned cars and other possessions. When they leave such things with professional security guards, they expect to come back to them undamaged.

Protecting People Inside The Building From Harassment

Security guards who are true to their job enable people to have a sense of security inside the building. If we take the example of a commercial outlet or a shopping mall, incidents like harassment are common.

When people see that there are security guards on duty, it gives them a sense of security. It is the job of a security guard to set an example by taking adequate actions against any offender.

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