7 Reasons to Consider Workplace Surveillance

February 8, 2019

Workplace Surveillance

In this digital age, a growing number of companies are using technology to monitor their employees. Employee surveillance is becoming more prevalent in the workplace nowadays. New technologies make it easier to track employee performance and behavior. According to the 2007 Electronic Monitoring and Surveillance survey, 45% of businesses monitor the computer and mobile usage of their employees. So, how do workplace surveillance affect the employees and the business? Here are some reasons for you to consider workplace surveillance.

Efficient Time Management

The data collected regarding the usage of the computer, for instance, can help employers compute the time employees spend on non-work related (browsing and emailing) in comparison to more productive purposes. If the monitoring reveals that the workers are shopping online or socializing on Facebook during work time, management can take actions against the employee.

Loss Prevention

Employees can protect their business assets by monitoring the workplace. Fraud by employees remains a major issue. For instance, a minor theft, such as a worker slipping a box of paper clips to sever reasons such as an employee selling proprietary company information to a competitor harms your business at different levels. A video surveillance system in place can go a long way in curbing illegal activities by rogue employees. Investigations also become easy with video surveillance.

Boost in Productivity

The main goal of any business is to make profits. Low productivity and faulty measures can ruin this goal. It is common to find unnecessary chit-chatting during the work hours leading to low productivity. Studies have shown that employees who are aware of CCTV cameras in the workplace cut their unnecessary socializing by up to 80%.

Evaluation of Employee Performance

By using workplace surveillance systems such as video monitoring, it is easier to record the performance of your employees. Employee monitoring through digital technology such as camera offers a fair view of what your employees have been doing throughout the year or a particular period. On the basis of the recorded video surveillance, the company owners and managers would be able to evaluate the employees in the best possible manners. The surveillance thus enables you to eliminate lack of fairness or justice during the performance appraisal of your employees.

Ward Off Trespassers

Safeguarding your office from trespassers is a primary concern for the employers. Employers benefit immensely from effective surveillance of the workplace. A video surveillance system with wide coverage can help in deterring intruders and also provide evidence in case of a break-in. Surveillance is an absolute necessity in a workplace with a massive influx of visitors. It can effectively monitor people at the entry and exit points.

Better Office Management

Employee monitoring is the best way to ensure proper administration and management. This reduces the work of the administrative staff to manage the office. Video surveillance makes it easier to supervise and take care of general matters, hence aids in maintaining a peaceful environment.

Enhanced Safety and Security

Safety is a non-negotiable concept in the workplace. Workplace surveillance cameras will help promote safety and prevent unnecessary accidents. Employees can feel safe in the workplace, thus, improving their productivity.

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