Self Defence Is Awareness

July 13, 2015

We all have heard the term that self defence is awareness and if you know the surroundings of where you are living and working, then you can safeguard yourself from many potential hazardous situations as compared to the person who is not aware well with the area and reacts according to it. You need to know some of the tips of the self defence as it will help you a lot to save yourself from the threat situations. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the vital points of self defence.

1. Flat tire in a bad neighbourhood?

If you find yourself in a situation where you have a flat tire in a locality that is not safe, then drive the car on the rims to the nearest repair shop. Avoid driving too fast as it will result in the spinning of wheels and it won’t take the car anywhere. Remember, new wheels are small price to pay for avoiding a violent carjacking.

2. Maintain A Personal Comfort Zone

Make sure that you are not allowing any one to approach you if you don’t know the person. You must always feel comfortable and secure in the company of a person you are with and if you find yourself uncomfortable, then no one must be allowed to get closer to you without your permission.

3. Watch Your Drink

Always be sure of what you are drinking. Someone might put a drug in your cocktail as these techniques are used for the rape, abduction, and murder. Always make sure, that the drink you are having is prepared in front of you and the best option to go for are the soft drinks that were opened in front of you.

4. Wake up

If you are jogging in a public place, then make sure you are not listening to music in a high volume. This cut the important noises from reaching you and you could miss out someone approaching you with wrong intentions. Always ensure that you are jogging with no earphones and you are very much attentive to the surroundings.

5. React

You must be able to react instantly to any situation. If someone touches you without your consent, you must turn back in an instant and demand an explanation immediately. If you are not responsive to things like sound, movement, and touch, then you may be overlooking many things that can be of potential threat to your safety.

6. People Give You A Bad Feeling

If you walk down a particular lane or street and feel uncomfortable, then always listen to the gut feeling. If you make an eye contact with someone and feel that he might not be having a right intention, then reach for the gun you are carrying and prepare yourself with the safety. If you don’t have the gun, then avoid taking the street that is lonely and take the route that is crowded where you can reach for help immediately.


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