Security Systems for Small Businesses

March 22, 2017


Do you think only large organizations and established firms face security threats? Even small businesses have important data, assets, and other elements that could be at risk from theft. It is important to protect small businesses from several criminal activities like a break-in, burglary, theft, cybercrime, etc. Find out some security systems that are essential even for the small businesses.

Video Surveillance and Monitoring

A video surveillance camera allows you to keep a check on what all is happening within your business place around the clock. A variety of CCTV cameras are available in the market that can cover various angles and area. A team of security guards monitor the activities in the monitor room and ensure overall safety in all the parts of your business place. A video surveillance system is one step ahead of the professional security guards and can cover all the spots on your business property. This system also helps to have a video proof of various criminal activities.

Alarm System

These special alarm systems detect the natural threats. These alarm systems detect fire, smoke, flood, and other natural calamities. Such alarm systems are necessary for small businesses so that less to no damage is caused to the property, assets, and workers of the businesses.

Burglar or Intrusion Alarm

These alarm systems prevent break-in and hence, reduce the chances of burglary or employee theft. These burglar alarm systems include a collection of devices or features like motion detection with the help of sensors. The systems notify the third-party monitoring staff about an unidentified or unauthorized entry. The monitoring security guards then take the necessary action to prevent any criminal activity.

Access Control

The electronic access control systems allow only the authorized people to enter certain restricted areas in the business property. The authorized people or employees of the small businesses can use their employee code on the keypad mechanism or use their access cards to gain access through those electronically secured doors. This way, you can keep the strangers, unauthorized people, and potential criminals away from your business place. If your business has a lot of sensitive and secret data, materials, equipment, inventory, or information,, this system is a “must-have” for your business.

Computer security system

Today, almost the entire data, files, documents, and information is saved digitally. The software, e-mails, or systems that save and process this data can be hacked by smart hackers. Small businesses cannot afford to lose out on their digital data and fall prey to cybercrime, viruses, spyware, and other threats. Hence, it is important to safeguard your digital data using computer security systems.

So which security system is right for your small business? It depends on what your requirements. Our Edmonton security systems can help you to decide the best security systems and solutions for your small business.


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