Security Systems: A must for today

March 31, 2015

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Due to the increased crime rate and the news we often see in the channels and the newspaper, everyone wants to be secured these days. Having a safety for yourself and for your family is not too much to ask for and this is what we, at Edmonton security companies excel at. We not only give you the security in the areas where you need and desire, but we give you a peace of mind that when you have us guarding you and keeping a watchful eye on you and your family, you can be at peace. Here are the areas that we cover for you.

  1. Home security
    We give you the best home security that you could possibly ask for. We not only provide you round the clock protection, but we also give you the immense experience we have on this field. With home alarms Edmonton, you can feel safe at your home 24/7/. Our alarms are specifically designed keeping in mind the design and the construction of your home and we have sensors that respond to the slightest of changes.
  2. Security cameras
    We have CCTV cameras that are designed to work in every environment and seasons. With security cameras Edmonton, you get the perfect view of the house as we carefully plan the positioning and the placement of the cameras that gives you every area of the house covered. With our dedicated application, you can keep an eye on your loved ones and property on the go. Our cameras have built in night vision that gives you clear images in the darkest of areas. The dedicated night vision has a thermal imaging processor that gives you a detailed image where you can identify between the objects
  3. Video monitoring
    We at edmonton security companies have taken our years of experience and have developed cameras and equipments that give you the best of security in the market. We not only take pride in the systems, but we also give you the best of it. With video monitoring Edmonton, you can be sure of getting all the live feed of the areas that you want covered. We have dedicated systems with memory that lets you have the backup of all the recordings for future reference. You can play back every file when the need arises and can view the live feed on your laptop or mobile phone using our dedicated applications.
  4. Security guards
    Apart from the high tech areas, we give you the age old trusted security guards to look after your property. Our guards re not only trained to do the specific jobs, but are also highly skilled in the job they are assigned to do. Each security guard has years of experience on the specific area that he is assigned to take care of and you can rely on him for everything.


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