Security System Arm/Disarm Code Selection

July 24, 2015

To make your home a good place of safety, you have to keep in mind the small areas of protection that can be a lot of importance. When you take the equipments and installation from security guard Company in Calgary, you have an option to safeguard the security system by incorporation the codes. Codes ensure that you have a control on the system and no one can access it but you. As the system only arms itself, when the code is punched in, you can be sure of the security of your house. In this article, we are going to tell you some of the points that will help you disarming and arming the security system of your house in a right manner.

1. Why You Need a Code?

Codes not only protect the home security system, but it also gives you a complete control over the unit. When you have a code, then you can be sure of the total security, as no one will be able to disarm the system. This gives you an assurance that all the valuable assets of your home is safeguarded all the times and you if the code is not entered correctly, no one will be having access to the restricted area. If someone tries to punch in the codes repeatedly, then the system will send a notification to the monitoring centre and you will be notified of the intruder on time.

2. Choosing the Right Code

When you select the code for you security system, you have to keep in mind that you are not using a code that can be easily guessed by others. Assure that it is uncommon. Here are some few tips.

• Make sure that the code that you are choosing is easy to remember for you otherwise you might forget it. Use phrases that are known to you and your family members.

• Do not include the information that can be pulled out by others on easy basis. Avoid using codes that have hints from your birthdays, anniversaries, addresses etc.

• Don’t use the same codes for all the systems and try to use different combinations for every system that has an option for the code. This way, even if someone has the code, then he might not be able to access all the secured areas of the house.

3. Code Protection

Once you have chosen the right code for the security system, keep it in a record at a safe place so that in case you forget the code, you can recover it. Many people are in a habit of keeping the codes at every place and this should be avoided at all costs. The best way to keep the code safe is to memorize it! Always remember to never share the codes with anyone because if anyone will have the knowledge of the code, then it might be a risk for the safety of your family. If you forget the code, then you can contact the security company to recover it for you.


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