Security of Oil and Gas: Necessity and Requirements

May 15, 2015

If you are looking for the security of the site that deals in the oil and gas and other natural gas resources, then you need to keep certain things in mind before opting for the security. The oil and gas security requirements are very much different from the normal security of say business and home. You cannot appoint normal guards or regular security measures for these sites as they have a far more risky environment than what we normally have. To get the most secured environment at such sites, you need a security services that specializes in such type of security, giving you a lot more opportunities to explore in secured environment. The oil&gas security Alberta have seen a tremendous growth in terms of people who want far more secured environment to work in the oil rigs and gas plants. In addition to the extra security, the guards that are provided by the security companies are well trained in the specific field and offer you all the right steps of evacuation in case the need arises.

When you contact a security company for the oil and gas security requirements, they first take an inspection of the site and determine what kind of security your site may be demanding, depending on many factors. They determine the number of the security guards that you might need for the site by checking the number of rigs and the area of the site. After the number is checked, they make a careful detailing of the entire area so that none of the risk bearing segment goes unchecked. This inspection is important because it helps the security company to analyze the working and according to that, they appoint guards at different levels.

The first step starts with a guard that remains at the gate and keeps a close watch on everyone that comes and goes in the site. Every employee is given a security pass and only those are allowed who show the pass at the gates. This increases the safety as no third person is allowed inside the site with an intention of causing any trouble or harm. As oil and gas site is very hazardous to work in, any small mistake or attempt to cause it may bring serious damage to the organization and the employees working in it. Every pointer are kept tab at and all the necessary equipments are installed to monitor every side of the site. The addition of CCTV cameras ensures any unchecked activity is reported and there is a watchful eye at every working section. As oil and gas sites are very much prone to fire accidents, smoke detectors and water sprinklers are installed at every area to keep it safe from any such events. A fire alarm system is also incorporated and it is rigged to the local fire and police station so that in case of fire, the local fire authority will be reporting to the site immediately.

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