Security Mistakes To Avoid During Major Events

November 4, 2021

Security Mistakes To Avoid During Major Events

Organizing an event and maintaining its effective security is important. You must make sure that all of your participants feel safe and that no intruder can harm them. Still, while organizing an event and making a plan for its security, you can lack some major points, and neglecting them can cause a great setback for the reputation of your organization.

Irrespective of the place or size of the event, maintaining event security is important. But how can you maintain an effective event security system? Well, there are some points that you can follow and some mistakes that you can avoid. This blog post mentions the points that you must avoid at all costs to maintain a proper security system for your event.

Not Having A Security Objective

Implementing a security system demands that you have a proper plan that clearly defines your security objectives. You should have a clear plan in mind about implementing the right security protocols. Your security guards should be well-versed with what to check upon while entering the event’s premises, and what should be done in the event that an incident occurs. They should also be aware about the types of security threats they might have to deal with. Without such prior training, you will most likely fail to implement a proper security plan.

Not Checking Everyone’s Identity Card

Checking every participant’s identity or permit card is one of the most basic methods you can opt for to maintain an event’s security. If you allow someone without a badge or a card, the rest will assume that it is okay to go without a card, and they might bring in unnecessary people inside. This can affect the overall peace of the event, and the event securities will be compromised.

Therefore, you must be strict about checking the IDs of all those who wish to enter the event and not allow those who fail to provide you with an identity card.

Hiring Unprofessional Security Contractors

Incompetent security contractors can negatively affect your security system and worsen the situation instead of solving it. Because of budget constraints, many event organizers will skimp on their security forces and hire an unprofessional security company.

A professional security company will have the necessary know-how to handle potential threats and relevant experience in maintaining the security of an event. It can be quite frustrating to find out that the company you hired is not experienced enough to do the job. Therefore, it is better to research well before and hire an experienced security company that can provide efficient security services.

Not Having Enough Personnel

Miscalculating the required amount of personnel is another common mistake that many event organizers make. It will be hard to manage the event and control the crowd if an accident were to happen. Your available security won’t be able to secure the perimeters of your event, and thus, the situation could become increasingly out of control. Therefore, you must consider the required amount of security personnel in your security plan and hire accordingly.

Not Briefing Your Team

Briefing your security and organizing your team before the start of the event is necessary to make sure everyone knows the importance of the event and is on the same page. Discuss how to respond in an emergency, understand the security plan, and get invaluable team members’ input.

Neglecting The Security Of Important Rooms

Important rooms might include conference rooms, data server rooms, rooms where the security footage is being displayed and others. Intruders usually attack these rooms before going for the main event hall. Such rooms also include a computer room with a lot of sensitive data or an office where all your employees’ information is stored.

If any intruder gets into these sensitive rooms, sensitive data can be stolen and used against the company. This results in a data breach which can be damaging to the company. So, you must avoid this mistake at all costs and keep those rooms secured so nobody can steal important information.

Other Mistakes To Avoid

  • Overcomplicating security plans
  • Not testing out your security plan
  • Not properly integrating the plan
  • Not having the right type or enough resources
  • Assuming that only security contractors have to maintain security
  • Not training the company’s employees before the event
  • Not conducting a risk assessment

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