Security Measures All Cottage Owners Should Take

December 7, 2015

Have you ever given a serious thought on the fact that why we insist on having a right security for your family and house? If you are going to look at the statistics, then you will come to know that the crimes and burglary rates have increased a lot over the last few years and you have to be constantly alerted if you want to secure your family from all the risks. Cottage owners need to be more careful for their property as it is more often vacant, making it extremely vulnerable to break-ins and thefts. Vacant is not the only problems as you also have to keep other important factors in mind like security from fire. The best way to get it secured is by taking a security package from fire watch security guards Calgary. If you’re without a security system, you may find it broken into when you will visit the cottage to spend a weekend.

  • Install a Home Security System

The best way to have a sure shot protection against all the risk is by installing a security system. Call a professional from fire watch security guards Calgary and get the system hooked into the cottage. Options like motion activated lights, fire alarms and sprinklers can save you a lot from the damages.

  • Tell Neighbours To Keep An Eye On Your Cottage

If you use the cottage only on the weekends, then you can tell the neighbours of your cottage to keep an eye on your property. This way they will be aware if they see any lights in the cottage other than the weekends when you visit it.

  • Get a Cottage In a Safe Community

While looking for a weekend cottage, always look for it in a community that is near to the population and is protected by controlled access and gates. Also keep an eye on the crime rates of the area before making an investment and if there is a history of break-ins and robberies, then avoid it and move on to another area.

  • Don’t Leave Your Pass Codes And Keys

Never share the password of the security system with anyone and always make sure that you are not leaving the spare keys un-attended.

  • Don’t Leave Any Valuables

If you seldom visit the cottage, then never leave any valuable things there. If you have entertainment and electronic systems that can’t be easily moved the make sure you have kept them away from windows.

  • Have Someone Check On The Cottage For You

If you are not able to go to the cottage for few days, and then make sure you are sending someone to have a check. Even if someone has taken a forced entry into the property; it might still look fine from the outside. Ensure that you have someone keeping a check on it when you are not able to visit it.


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