How Security Guards Handle Stressful Situations

October 21, 2021

How Security Guards Handle Stressful Situations

Being a security guard is one of the most stressful jobs, they have to handle difficult situations with professionalism. You hire professional security guard services to protect your business. Hiring a security guard means that you are trusting them with your employees, and business security. So you believe that they are well trained and are equipped with the best knowledge to counter stressful situations. The main reason you hire a security team is because you are concerned about the potential risk that could put the reputation of your business in jeopardy.

The first step in keeping you and your business safe is by hiring professional security personnel. Dangerous situations can occur at any time in a variety of forms. Therefore, hiring a security team that is trained to handle these stressful situations will help you protect your business. Security guards throughout their careers will encounter various stressful situations. Different businesses face different security challenges but one thing that is common is the importance of knowing how to handle these stressful situations.

If you are planning on hiring a security guard service it’s important to understand how professional guards can protect you and your business. In this blog, we have shared some of the ways in which experienced, highly trained security guards can handle these stressful situations.

3 Ways Guards Manage Security Situations

Every security guard oftens comes across security situations in which he/she faces an agitated individual. Professional security guards are trained to identify signs or behaviours that indicate that an individual may be preparing to commit a crime or hurt another person. Some indications that a person is agitated and may pose a threat to others include:

  • Body language
  • Verbal threats
  • Talking about violence
  • Loud yelling
  • Invading the space of other people

Sometimes even with the best training it becomes hard to encounter these stressful situations. In situations like these it’s important to remain calm and composed.

Here are some of the traits you should look for in an individual before hiring them as a security guard.


Sometimes a person yelling and being on a loud rant can be because they feel unheard. They want others to listen to what they feel and want to be heard. So, the first thing your security personnel should do is to listen to them. Rather than ignoring what they’re saying, it is critical that they listen to what the person trying to communicate. By actively listening to what the other person is trying to say using your body language and asking questions, a security guard can show the other person that he/she is genuinely interested in the situation and wants to resolve the issue. Many times just the simple act of listening can help them defuse the situation. Active listening also results in demonstrating empathy. By listening to what the individual is saying, and asking meaningful questions, they show that they are putting themselves in the person’s shoes and will be able to better understand the situation and find a solution.


Communication plays an important role in mitigating dangerous situations since most agitation comes from an emotional issue. Hence, in a situation like this, the best thing to do is communicate. A security guard needs to effectively communicate with the agitated individual. It is important that their communication has intention. The agitated individual should not feel threatened in any way, so while communicating the guard should be calm, clear and use positive body language. This helps to relieve their stress, by communicating in a clear and calm way. Positive communication will help de-escalate the situation quickly. In situations like these the main goal is to resolve the situation without any damage or injury.

Offer Solutions

The guard should know how to tackle the situation and offer solutions. The final step in mitigating a potentially dangerous situation is to end the confrontation in a way that the individual does not feel threatened. By actively listening and communicating the guard can only begin to defuse the situation. The main job is to conclude the situation without any damage or injury. The best way to do this is by offering a potential solution. The individual feels more respected and less threatened when you involve them in coming up with a solution. This will minimize potential damage and you will be able to combat the situation easily.

A security officer needs to have a variety of skills to handle difficult security situations. So, it’s important to hire professional security personnel who know of the aforementioned methods to resolve stressful situations.

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