Why Is CPR First Aid Training Crucial For Security Guards?

January 6, 2023


Medical emergencies in public places are common and can be life-threatening to the person if no help is available. This is why security guards are trained with first aid CPR training to be equipped with a life-saving protocol when an incident happens.

Security guards must go through extensive training to do their job of protecting everyone under their professional supervision. But, among all of the practices that they undergo, how much importance is first-aid training given? Not enough, and especially not in security guard training, where it is regarded as a necessary life skill for all.

If you are hiring a security guard, these valuable skills need to be a part of their training. Aside from ensuring the safety of a property or a person, every guard should be capable of dealing with medical emergencies.

If you still need convincing, consider the following reasons for hiring reliable security guards with emergency first-aid training.

Emergency Medical Assistance

A security guard’s job is more than just deterring criminal activity and behaviour. They also serve as a backup in a crisis or emergency. As a result, security guards must be first-aid trained.

At times, a security guard may be required to act as a healthcare professional while providing security guard services. As a result, they must receive proper first-aid training. Providing medical aid without knowing the suitable technique may endanger the victim. For example, using the incorrect CPR technique could break the victim’s ribs, or not knowing the appropriate dressing technique could cause the victim to bleed to death.

They Need To Stay Calm In The Situation

The first and most consequential thing every guard learns after joining the security guard services is how to react logically and take control of a situation using a security patrol system.

Similarly, when a guard receives CPR and first-aid training, they learn how to remain calm and patient in stressful situations. They ensure physical safety and emotional support, allowing the victim to relax when all they can do is panic. It is one of the reasons why first-aid security guards are increasingly in demand.

Hiring a security guard with first aid CPR training mitigates the chances of such patients’ conditions worsening.

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Provides The Ability To Recognize Life-Threatening Situations And Respond Appropriately

First aid and CPR-trained guards provide skills and knowledge for recognizing and managing various emergencies. Giving first aid and CPR as soon as possible improves the chances of survival, prevents further injury, and speeds up the recovery process.

Certain levels of qualification are required for an individual to offer assistance to a victim in emergencies such as cardiac arrest and choking. When such emergencies occur, trained first aid guards can summon the appropriate emergency services and provide the best first aid to victims.

They will be able to respond appropriately. Guards can help people who are experiencing cardiac arrest, choking, slips, and falls, as well as other emergencies like bleeding, anaphylactic shock, and bandaging wounds. When there is a health emergency, guards are the first to offer assistance and save lives. They will also be able to provide the responders with a valuable history of the incident, saving time and hastening the treatment process.

Be The First Respondent

As they deal with situations on-site using a security patrol system, every guard should be able to do more than dial 911 in the event of a medical emergency. If the guard is trained in first aid, calling 911 should still be the first step. Following that, they should move quickly to provide the necessary medical aid to the injured or affected people before an actual certified doctor arrives. A guard’s ability to become a first responder can significantly increase the person suffering from the emergency survival chances.

Reporting The Incident

All incidents that result in injury or necessitate first aid treatment must be documented in an incident register. Security guards may be required to complete an incident report for the client or venue and the employer or agency, depending on their employment arrangements.

Incident report forms are legal documents that must be filled out completely and accurately. They’ll need the full names of witnesses and casualties, as well as dates, times, locations, injuries, and property damage.

It is also critical to protect the confidentiality and privacy of bystanders and casualties following your client’s, employer’s, or agency’s policies. Security guards are trained in all of these protocols.

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