How a Security Guard Is Essential For a Tour (Calgary Specific)

November 27, 2014

A tour could be for an educational or entertainment purpose. Educational institutes in Calgary take students quite often. Some tours can be overnight like going for a trek out of Calgary. Tours, involving persons of 18 years or younger, put a lot of responsibility on the organizers. Having a security guard come along not only improves safety, but also the overall organization of the tour.

Mitigate Potential Risks and Liabilities

A permission slip is hardly enough to protect your organization from legal trouble if a disaster ever strikes. By hiring a security agency, you transfer the liabilities and risksover to them. It’s a fool-proof way of protecting your organization from potential injuries, liability claims and hazards.

Analyze Risks

Even before you and your group embark on the tour, a security agency will conduct an analysis of the risk that maybe encountered. A quick review of routes, destinations and travel plans by someone who is trained in security will bring fresh perspective on what kind of risks a group may face.

These risks include weather, crime, chances of the members getting lost at big locations, etc.

By having a better understanding of the risks the tour face, you are able to better prepare for them.


There are so many things that can go wrong during a tour. A member goes missing or the tour group gets caught up in some manner of trouble. At times like these, you will be glad to have a security guard on board. He is trained to act quickly and help you make the right decision for the best possible outcome.

Also, if the situation is too big to handle, the appropriate people or emergency services will be immediately contacted.

Security guards will also act as deterrents to prevent criminal elements from disturbing or causing a problem to the group.

Help with regulation

It can be difficult to enforce discipline on children and young adults. Regulation is important especially for overnight trips. A security guard will ensure:

-People stay in their rooms after hours.

-Stop any inappropriate behavior

-Prevent illegal activity from occurring

Medical Emergencies

A medical emergency may come in the form of a life threatening injury. A security guard is well trained in medical emergency responses and first aid. He also knows how to perform basic CPR.

Such expertise could be life saving.

Help with Day to Day activities

All in all, a security guard will lend an extra hand to ensure everything runs smoothly and without a hitch. He will ensure everyone sticks together and no one wanders away from the group.

Security needs to be taken more seriously by organizers for any tour in Calgary or field trip out of the city. A good security agency in Calgary will give you access to competent security guards who can fulfill your tour’s needs.


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