Security for Construction Companies

May 30, 2015

Construction companies also require the need of security from time to time. Many people think that being just a construction company might not need any form of security as there isn’t any valuable thing to steal from the premises of the construction site. Contrary to popular belief, the site for the construction can be real hazardous and it requires level of securities to avoid theft and vandalism. You can take the help from a good Calgary security company to get yourself the right security for the site. According to Mr. Clark, chief Security officer in one of the Alberta security company, the site for the construction is often regarded as the most dangerous place to work and you need to be sure of the security of all the employees who are working in it. Apart from the Event security service in Calgary, the construction site is also becoming increasingly important for the safety of the staff and assets.

So what are the areas that need to be secured in a construction company and what all points you need to cover while getting the right security? The site for the construction houses many important tools and equipments. They can be very hazardous to work with, and you need to ensure that all the employees at the site and following the rules and the regulations for the safety of themselves. For the right security, you need mobile patrolling, video monitoring, access control at all the areas and solutions for the technical glitches and so on. You need a combined solutions that collaborates all the security check points and gives you 24/7 security.

On site guarding of the construction includes the following:

  • Access control to all the important parts of the building under construction.
  • Loss prevention. Careful monitoring of all the areas are done to ensure all the activities are safe.
  • Emergency response to the critical situations where help is provided at the right time.
  • Mobile patrols at all hours of the day and night. Inspections are also done on time to time basis.
  • Guards at the reception and concierge.
  • Security for fire and safety.
  • Traffic control at the site.
  • Full time management of the guards at the duty.
  • Security consulting.
  • Labour dispute security and safety coverage.

Apart from the mentioned points, the site is also guarded by the remote operations like 24/7 security checks along with the employee escorts, entry and exit management, mobile perimeter protection and video verification. The dedicated security at the parking lots also ensures the safety of the high level of administration employees. Altogether, once you get the security services, you can be sure of the best security for the construction site. Being one of the best Calgary security company, we make sure that you never have to worry about the protection and safety, once you have taken our services and you can be at peace of mind.


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