Security Cameras Need and Installation

April 6, 2015

The most effective way to safeguard yourself and your family from the dangers is installing of a security camera. Fitting them not only makes you secure but they also give you a complete view of your house and property from one place where you can keep an eye on everything. There are many alberta security guard companies that provide you with the installation and services. Here we are going to discuss the four places where security cameras need is most important.

1. Entrance gates

The entrance gates are often the most targeted area of tress passers. Safeguarding it is the most important factor of the security. Make sure that the camera is placed high on top so that it cannot be reached easily. The focus of the camera should cover a wide range that includes both the main and the entrance gate so that you have a full view. The cameras provided by the Alberta security companies come with wide angle lens that covers most of the points. Make sure the placement of the camera is in a way so that it is hidden in the compartment and is not easily seen.

2. Garage and the rear gates

The next important area that you should cover and where the security cameras need is important is the back side of the property. Garages are often used to park expensive cars and are often used to store stuff that can be of importance. The rear door is always connected or is too close to the garage of the house. Make sure the placement of the camera is along with the light so that you are able to keep an eye on the activities in the low light conditions too.

3. Driveway

A camera that is placed in a way to cover the driveway of the home ensures that you have a tab on every visitor to your property. The ones who are approaching your driveway but not entering it can be recorded on the tape. You can keep an eye on the car too if you have parked it on your driveway.

4. Backyard

After covering all the major points of the house make sure that you have placed the camera at the backyard to keep an eye on the activities at the least visited area of your property. Generally people think that covering the front area resolves the security issues, but according to the alberta security guard companies, 24% of the break-ins also happen from the backyards. Installing a wide lens camera at the back ensures that you are having a full view. A camera with a good night vision is highly recommended as the backyard is poorly lit in most of the cases and the visibility in the night is poor. Covering the area with the night vision camera will give you the clear view on the property where you can have everything recorded.


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