Securing the Requirements: Oil and Sands Safety

October 8, 2015

Before you move ahead with the security of the oil and gas site, you have to ensure that you have checked all the right boxes. When you work with the natural sources of energy, you need to be very careful, as they are very hazardous and also perishable sources that need to be taken care of in a right manner. You just cannot leave any stone unturned when it comes to the security and it is always a better idea to take the service from one of the best oil sands security in Alberta. You have to keep in mind that just securing the area is not enough and you have to call in the right measures that includes the right equipments along with the security guards, who are going to keep a vigilant eye on the working of the site. In the recent survey, it was estimated that that 85% of the accidents that happened in the refinery units were due to the negligence and there weren’t any proper arrangements to stop the fire. The right equipments always help you to have a thorough command on the working.

Thanks to the various technological developments, you now have the choice to safeguards different section of the oil and sands working and thus, you can be sure of the safety of the employees. According the national safety council, you have to keep all the right arrangements for the people who are working on the site and you need to have the proper arrangements of exit in such sites. Professionals from oil sands security in Alberta take a proper survey of the site when called upon and they make sure to make all the necessary changes. When you take the help of a security company, they setup a centralized unit from where you can look at all the units at the same time. The biggest advantage that you have with the centralized unit is that you can have a vigilant eye at all the working spaces form one location and thus you can be lot more sure about the workings in the site. The cameras are rigged together and allow you a view at all of time from one place. The companies also offer you a dedicated application that allows you to look at the feeds on the go on your Smartphone.

As we all know, no security is complete unless you have guards and oil sands security in Alberta companies offer you guards that are trained specifically for the oil and gas setup. They know all the drill and help you evacuate the area in case of any emergency. These guards also have a special training to keep a tab on all the equipments and they make sure the entire unit is working in a perfect sync all the time. They also keep a tab on the visitors and allow entry to only those professionals who are working within the site.


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