Why Does a School Need Access Control System?

June 2, 2018

Access Control System

Security is an aspect that cannot be taken lightly when it comes to school. You need to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the school premises, avoid any mishap or accidents within the premises, and secure the lives of children and school staff from potential threats. Now there are several security measures to strengthen your school security and installing an access control system is one of them. When you have an access control system, only the people who have the access or permission can enter your school premises. Access control systems are smart locks that control a perimeter with the help of encrypted keys. These locks, unlike the traditional ones, do not require repairing and oiling, all you have to do is to update your smart lock. If you are wondering whether you need to install an access control system in your school, then here are a few points that indicate its importance.

Restricted Access

A school has multiple rooms, and you cannot have everyone entering them. Some of these rooms are chemical labs, computer rooms, server rooms, staff rooms, and documentation rooms. As you cannot authorize every person in the school to enter or have access to these rooms, you need to secure them. With smart locks, you can ensure that only the authorized personnel such as principal, teachers, and other staff members are able to access these rooms. This way, there’s restricted access to enter these rooms, and you can ensure confidentiality and security of important papers, harmful chemicals, and other expensive equipment.

Prohibiting Strangers

When your school does not have adequate security measures, there is a total possibility that a stranger can access and enter your school premises. A security guard may not always be able to prevent a stranger from entering the school. In such situations, an access control system can prevent the stranger from entering confidential rooms. You can have an access control system at the entrance and configure the identity cards for the children and allow them to enter the school. Similarly, you can have an access control system for important rooms and places within your school as well.

Notifying Local Authorities

Modern smart control systems are synced with cameras and are also set up to communicate with local law enforcement authorities. If there is an emergency situation within the school premises, the same incident is directly reported to the local safety authorities immediately. The local authorities can then take appropriate actions to ensure that the situation is under control immediately. This is one of the major reasons that your school needs an access control system.

Ensuring safety of children and staff, and securing important documents is essential, and you can do so by installing such access control systems. If you wish to invest in an access control system for your school, you must get in touch with a security company in your vicinity for more information.


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