What Should Do If Your School Has Been Broken Into

February 19, 2015

If your school has frequently been broken into, you and the school management shouldn’t take the issue lightly. Some serious steps need to be taken to prevent it from happening again. Why?

It is not just about preventing vandals from destroying school property, it also about protecting the students and teachers in your school. A school is a soft target for terrorism, hostage situations and even shootouts. There is no denying the risk, so if your school has been broken into, take the right steps and improve security.

Secure the Access Points

The best way to protect your school and stop break-ins is to secure the entry points.

– Identify all the entry points in your school from the front doors to various backdoors. Ensure the backdoors have tough locks that can’t be broken into. Most vandals prefer breaking into locations through the backdoors.

– You can install doors that can be opened only from the inside.

– Have security guards watching the school’s front entrance after school hours.

Install a Surveillance System

While you may not want to put a surveillance system in the school premises, you can install video cameras on the outside of the school watching over. This way you have eyes on all your school’s entrances including windows. Add to that, video cameras record for 24 hours so you always have eyes on these entrances.

Get a Patrol Unit

Your school premises is probably pretty large. If vandals do manage to sneak in, you want to have a second line of defense and these will be your patrol unit. A patrol unit will take rounds around the school to ensure that it is empty and no illegal activity is occurring.

Teach the Staff to Recognize Break Ins

More than security guards or a surveillance system, the teaching staff will be first ones to recognize a break in if they are trained to. This way even if your surveillance system fails to capture a break in, you know from where the break in has occurred. This further translates into knowing where the weak points are and improve on them.

Improve Security at the Parking Lot

If you don’t have any security at the parking lot, consider having some there. If any vandals decide to break into your school, chances are that’s where they will come from. A video camera will capture them on video, while the presence of a security guard can discourage them from trying to break in.

Get a Security Solution

Hire a security agency like GPS Security and your school can access a security solution. A security solution includes an alarm system, surveillance, trained security guards and much more. All in all, you will have a school with a very tight security that will not be susceptible to break ins and other security threats.


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