5 Reasons Cannabis Producing Companies Need to Hire a Security Company

November 9, 2018

hire a security company

The projected market for legalized cannabis by 2020 is in the range of $20-35 billion. The expected explosive surge in the cannabis business has also affected the security and compliance companies positively. Some of the security companies have achieved 300-400% growth riding on the cannabis tide. About 14% of Canadians or 4.2 million Canadians use cannabis for medical or recreational reasons. Alberta ranks third among all Canadian provinces in terms of cannabis consumption per person.

To Customize the Monitoring System

Top notch security companies, especially with experience in cannabis security, would always start with the monitoring systems. The monitoring systems bear the dual responsibilities of security and compliance in the cannabis industry. The compliance is crucial as the authorities are very strict with this industry.   

The customization must be as per the requirements of the cannabis production company. An experienced security company installs the security system keeping in mind that the types of equipment, design and placement should be exactly as per as the cannabis production company’s requirement.

To Secure the Cannabis Production Site

Security and surveillance are musts for cannabis production sites irrespective of their location – whether indoor or outdoor. The site must be secured from unauthorized access. Multiple layers of security such as physical barriers, video monitoring, intrusion detection systems, sensors, proper signage and lighting must be installed and utilized. Additionally, security guards and surveillance officers should be hired to control and secure the site.

To Monitor the Cannabis Production Process and Facility

The entire cannabis production premises should be monitored 24×7 using video surveillance and other intrusion defense systems. Security personnel are needed to monitor the cameras, reporting and ensure the smooth functioning of all essential surveillance tools. Most importantly, the security officers are required to confront any attempts to break in and prevent any burglary attempts. The security team is also banked upon to keep an eye on the staff and other visitors.

To Regulate and Control the Access

The law states that the cannabis producing company must control and monitor the access to the cannabis produced by them. Security companies can be used to professionally accomplish this task for the cannabis manufactured companies.

To Protect the Storage Facility as a Priority

The security company must protect high-value targets such as dry storage facilities as a priority. The criminals targeting this facility would always seek to maximize their risk to reward ratio. They will always target a storage worth a million dollars over other areas like thousand-dollar plantations. It is imperative for the security companies to strategize the protection of the high-value targets. For example, they can place the dry storage in heavy safes. Even if the thieves manage to break through the perimeter fence, they will find it very difficult to deal with the safes.

Cannabis is a controlled substance. Not so long ago, it was a banned substance altogether. It is attractive for thieves and burglars for its addictive properties, illegal consumption and high pricing in the black market. The requirement of security companies is a must for this industry.


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