Providing Safety to Oil & Gas industry

October 21, 2014

Alberta is Canada’s largest oil producing province. Every year, there are more attempts to tap into the province’s undiscovered underground oil. Often, an Oil & Gas company will land up setting up a land rig away from urban centers. Athabasca oil sands have sprouted many oil wells and onshore rigs. Quite a bit of money is spent on setting up the facility, accommodation for workers and a pipeline to transport the oil and gas.

In all of this, security is a big issue. The oil and gas industry faces the usual as well as industry specific set of risks. Security is essential for a safe working environment.


– Camp Safety

Accommodations for your employees are usually in camps. While these camps have sufficient freedom, you need to ensure that employees are not partaking in illegal activities or taking drugs or alcohol.

– Theft

Theft is a reality that you have to deal with in an oil and gas industry. Stealing or siphoning off oil or gas that can be sold in the black market is a possibility and you have to keep an eye to ensure that employees or outsiders don’t try it.

– Pipeline Security

Tampering, leaks, wild animals getting caught, etc.– with pipelines stretching across large areas of land, all these may happen if you don’t have someone watching over them.

– Sabotage

Sabotage may look like something from a thriller film, but it is very real. There is always the possibility of sabotage from unsocial elements.

A Security Firm that can Manage these Challenges

Whether you are new to setting up an Oil & Gas facility or a veteran, security is a specialization you hand over to an experienced firm like GPS Security. So what can a good security firm do?

– Safety at the Camp

A security check at the camp entrances will prevent any illegal substance or alcohol from being smuggled inside. At the same time, there will be regular patrols to keep an eye on the camp. Conflict between employees can explode any time and a security officer is trained at defusing and resolving them before they turn violent or someone gets injured.

– Security System

A good security system at an Oil & Gas industry includes video surveillance, key locks and sensors. Security guards cannot be everywhere at once on a large facility. However, a surveillance system is a good deterrent to theft, sabotage and any unwanted activities.

– A Boost to your Security Standard

Not only do security guards not interfere with the facility’s working, but they also help enhance the security standard. This is highly important because there is always a risk of an accident. Additionally, the security guards are PCST and CSTS certified.

– Pipeline Security

Apart from any sensors installed on the pipes, there should be regular patrols on the line to ensure there aren’t any leaks or wildlife problems. If you hire GPS Security, you can even keep track of the patrol unit from your desk.

– Security Review

Frequent security reviews are a must. A security firm will be able to inform you of various points you can improve security on an operational and physical level.

– Emergency Response
Having a trained professional, on hand, at the scene of an emergency is very helpful. GPS Security Guards are trained in fire watch and alarm response. Also, they know the various security and emergency protocols and help execute them.

Safety is important for an Oil & Gas company’s operation and security, so hire a good security firm.


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